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Slideshow: "Ecstasy" Inspires a Look Back at the Cinematic Dance Floor

Inspired by the thriving club scene depicted in Irvine Welsh's 'Ecstasy' (now on VOD), we have compiled this boogie through the decades-long evolution of cinematic club scenes. Guaranteed to put everyone in the mood to dance the night away!

Do you feel like dancing? You will after watching the portrayal of Scotland’s drug-fueled club scene provided by Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, which is now available on VOD. Directed by Rob Heydon and featuring compelling performances from its lead actors, Adam Sinclair and Kristin Kreuk, the film follows two star-crossed lovers (he’s a drug smuggler; she moonlights for Scotland Against Narcotics), as they attempt to kick their mutual habit. Going cold turkey and cutting ties with the drug world, Lloyd (Sinclair) makes the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves.

Many of the love scenes between Sinclair and Kreuk take place against the backdrop of the UK’s raging club scene. Inspired by the pulsing beats, flashing lights, and drug-filled milieu, we look back at the evolution of the club scene by highlighting 10 important cinematic scenes, some with which you will be familiar, and some that may surprise you…

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite club scenes in the comments below.


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