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Film & Fashion: A Fashion Education

John K. weighs in on how you can get the sweet and sexy 60s look embodied by the new flick An Education and made trendy by AMC's Emmy-winning series Mad Men.

The 1960s are making a comeback in the fashion world, due in no short part to Mad Men on AMC and the impeccable work of its costume designer Janie Bryant. And with this week's release of the sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated art-house hit An Education, there's even more opportunity to see that 60s style—both sweet and sexy—on the big screen.

Who doesn’t want to take a step back in time to Mad Men's 1960s New York City, wearing glamorous dresses to work every day, flirting with Don Draper (Jon Hamm), and having cocktails in the office? Or maybe office life isn’t your thing… you prefer to be whisked around 60’s London and Paris by a charming older man like the Audrey Hepburn-esque ingenue Carey Mulligan in An Education? Either way, dressing the part is one of the most important steps. No one can stop you from having a scotch and soda at 5:00 pm if you’re dressed like Mad Men's breakout bombshell Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks). Here are my suggestions to get the look of your favorite 1960s vintage-doll persona!


Mad Men
The women of Mad Men: Betty Draper (January Jones), Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks), Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss)

Mad Men: Betty Draper

Betty Dress
1960s Deep V Back Velvet Dress: Shrimpton Couture, $275

A desperate housewife long before Teri Hatcher came along—Betty Draper (January Jones) exemplifies elegance. Want to be her (and who doesn’t want to be married to Jon Hamm in his Don Draper finery)? This authentic vintage 60s dress is your first stop. Throw it on with costume jewelry, a patent heel, and some soft curls and have Don take you out on the town, if he's bothering to come home this week.

For suffering in Ossining on Bullet Park Road by day, we like this sweet dress. You'll look fabulous while bemoaning your existence in the suburbs:

Betty Dress 2
Antique Trellis Dress in Weekend: ModCloth, $49.99

Joan Holloway

Joan Dress
Brigitte Dress, BB Dakota: Chickdowntown, $79

Are you the office sexpot? Accentuate your curves in all the right places in this 60s inspired dress, and soon you’ll be running the office just like Joan. Not everyone has the bright red hair for Joan's jewel tones, so we recommend this sassy dress in a more muted herringbone. If it’s too revealing for work, then cover it up with a cardigan… but if you want to get ahead, leave the cardigan at your desk.

Peggy Olson

Peggy topPeggy skirt
Wesleyan Blouse* in History Class: ModCloth, $79.99 (*Mad Men creator Matt Weiner's alma mater)
Plaid Petals Skirt: Anthropolgie, $148

She may be from Brooklyn, but Peggy still has style and the drive to succeed. Fool everyone by looking buttoned up just like Betty does—just make sure it doesn’t lead to the (secret baby) outcome, but towards a corner office. Girl, you're going to make it after all!


An Education
The women of An Education: Helen (Rosamund Pike), Jenny (Carey Mulligan)

An Education: Helen

Helen dress
1960s Gold Lace Shift Dress: Shrimpton Couture, $225

Define 60s London glamour in a gold lace shift. Helen may be silly and vacuous, but her wardrobe inspires envy… and why shouldn’t yours? Complete the look with a little bit of backcombed hair for volume.


Jenny dress
1960s Velvet & Brocade Dress: Shrimpton Couture, $225

Imagine yourself in 60s London: sipping Champagne and tugging coyly on your diamond necklace, or shivering under your fur stole while some older Casanova wines and dines you. Make it happen with this brocade skirted dress, and all you need is an updo, a clutch, and some fierce black pumps!

Having strong opinions, impeccable taste, and a working knowledge of celebrity culture prompted John K. to start his blog Hey Girl Hey. He weighs in on red carpet mishaps to fashion’s greatest triumphs, because someone has to keep Hollywood in check. Read more at Hey Girl Hey.

The third season of Mad Men is currently airing on Sundays on AMC. An Education will be released in New York and L.A., with more cities to follow, on Friday, October 9.

If you're looking for more gorgeous 1960s couture, check for vintage finds. We also love for affordable, flirty, and well-made clothes.


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