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BUILT For The Big Screen

What kind of bag would the Hunchback of Notre Dame carry? Go behind the scenes on the memorable short film from TFF Official Bag Sponsor BUILT, written and directed by Casey Spooner and Adam Dugas.

BUILT products have always played a supporting role in the lives of creative people. As the Official Bag of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, BUILT had the opportunity to make a short film for the Festival pre-show screenings, and we let the most creative artists, writers, and directors we know give BUILT its star turn.

New Yorkers Casey Spooner, one half of the renowned art pop project Fischerspooner, and Adam Dugas, the mastermind behind numerous NYC stage and film productions, assembled a crew of eclectic downtown performers for an epic 18-hour shoot. With a small budget and zero rules, they created a hilarious—and sometimes head-scratching—short that you can’t watch just once.

The result is There Is No Tomorrow, an unforgettable two-minute film that embraces the true spirit of the independent film. Here, the two explain the inspiration behind the most unconventional bag ad you’ll ever see:

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