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TFF '10: Showcase

Seven world-cinema jewels are on display in TFF 2010's Showcase section.

Today Tribeca announced the first 34 feature films of the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival slate. The rest of the features slate will be announced on Monday, March 15, with the list of short films to follow later in the week. The complete list of features will be posted online on Monday in the 2010 Film Guide.


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The seven films in the Showcase sections are each from a different country, and feature a diverse mix of established and first-time directors. Compelling personal stories abound in this snapshot of global cinema already making waves on the international film scene: a man seeks revenge after his brother’s murder, a fresh French romantic comedy explores the consequences of unexpected love, and two grandmothers coping with the loss of their grandsons develop a mutual bond. Other films take us to Port-au-Prince, an underground community in 2024 Europe, and 1970s South Korea.

Two of these films, Road, Movie and Metropia, will also premiere on Tribeca Film (video-on-demand) on April 21.

Blood and Rain 

Blood and Rain (La sangre y la lluvia)
Directed by Jorge Navas, written by Carlos Henao, Alizé Le Maoult, and Jorge Navas
(Colombia, Argentina) – New York Premiere

In Jorge Navas’ beautifully composed neo-noir, taxi driver Jorge begins his night shift bent on revenge after his brother’s murder at the hands of a violent gang. But when an accident brings him unexpectedly closer to his party-girl fare Angela, the damaged pair must struggle against forces already set in motion, drawing them inexorably into the rain-soaked underworld of Bogotá. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Brand New Life
A Brand New Life (Yeo-haeng-ja)
Directed and written by Ounie Lecomte
(South Korea, France) – New York Premiere

When her father offers to take her on a trip, nine-year-old Jin-hee happily sings him a love song, the bittersweet notes inaudible to her own ear, until she realizes he has abandoned her at a Catholic orphanage. Celebrated from the Cannes to Berlin film festivals, Ounie Lecomte’s directorial debut, a semi-autobiographical portrait of 1970s South Korea, masterfully captures the emotional journey of loss, friendship, and starting anew. In Korean with English subtitles.

Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur)
Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, written by Laurent Zeitoun, Jeremy Doner, and Yoann Gromb
(France) – New York Premiere

Alex (Romain Duris) and his sister (Julie Ferrier) break up couples for a living. They have a 100 percent success rate and only two rules: Never split a healthy couple, and never fall in love. But with a week to break up beautiful Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) and her seemingly perfect boyfriend, the rules start to bend, and soon the heartbreakers risk having their own hearts broken. This charming and glamorous romantic comedy veers from laughs to tears to tears of laughter. In French with English subtitles.

Directed by Brillante Mendoza, written by Linda Casimiro
(Philippines, France) – New York Premiere

Two elderly matriarchs bear the consequences of a crime involving their grandsons: one is murdered, the other is the suspect. Frail, poor, but resolute, they individually traipse around to the prisons, funeral homes, and courtrooms of a stormy Manila in hopes of raising the funds necessary for the victim's burial, and the suspect's bail bond. Brillante Mendoza, named best director at Cannes for Kinatay (2009), is one of the strongest cinematic voices from the Philippines. In Filipino, Tagalog with English subtitles.

Directed by Tarik Saleh, written by Fredrik Edin, Stig Larsson, and Tarik Saleh
(Sweden, Denmark, Norway) – New York Premiere

In the year 2024, all of Europe is united by a vast web of underground railways, populated by an army of downtrodden worker bees. When one such cog starts hearing voices and encounters a femme fatale shampoo model who seems to hold some answers, he finds himself unearthing a vast Orwellian conspiracy in this visually arresting animated noir. With the voices of Vincent Gallo, Juliette Lewis, Udo Kier, Stellan Skarsgård, and Alexander Skarsgård. A Tribeca Film release.

Road, Movie
Road, Movie
Directed and written by Dev Benegal
(USA, India) – US Premiere

Loath to take over the family hair-oil business, young Vishnu jumps at the chance to drive his uncle’s beat-up Chevy truck across India to its new owner. The young runaway, wandering old entertainer, and beautiful woman he picks up along the way make for a magical journey that will change Vishnu’s life. With the sumptuous landscape of India as his canvas, director Dev Benegal paints a delightfully original road movie. In English, Hindi with English subtitles. A Tribeca Film release.


Films in the World Narrative Feature Competition, World Documentary Feature Competition, Encounters, Discovery, Cinemania, Spotlight and Showcase sections are eligible for the Heineken Audience Award, the audience choice for best feature film.


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