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Super Shorts: Spider

Starting with the aphorism, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye," former stuntman Nash Edgerton's (who has a Coen Bros.-like noir on the dock) nasty, darkly funny little short twists and turns its way down the highway.

Nash Edgerton: this guy is one to watch, for sure. Starting out as a stuntman for the Star Wars series (the double of Ewan McGregor, apparently), he's also been an actor, writer, editor. He's a noted music video director: his latest work, "Beyond Here Lies Nothing," for Bob Dylan, features a man and a woman stylishly fighting each other (er, to say the least). His feature, The Square, set for release this fall in America, is a twisty take on noir in the vein of A Simple Plan or Blood Simple, a route that isn't surprising considering the nasty little pleasures in this Australian short. It does Spider a disservice to write too much about it, so, start watching! We'll see whether you're surprised or horrified.

Although, can we recommend, perhaps, not dating the guy? His artistic output so far may imply that he's not the greatest boyfriend.




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