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Free Flick Fridays: His Girl Friday

Cary Grant—the perfect man. Whet your appetite for BAM's wonderful Archibald Leach Film Festival (running now until August 20) with Howard Hawks' newspaper comedy classic featuring Rosalind Russell, gorgeous costumes and plenty of wit!

His Girl Friday

Dir. Howard Hawks (1940)

Travel back to a time when the news was glamorous—not an endangered species—and reporters were sexy with today's pick, His Girl Friday. Howard Hawks' nostalgic picture, based on the play The Front Page, stars the dreamy Cary Grant as Walter Burns, editor of a major Chicago newspaper. When Burns’ former wife and top notch reporter, Hildy Johnson (played by four-time Oscar nominee Rosalind Russell) informs him of her pending nuptials to insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy, perpetual Baxter) and subsequent retirement from the paper, Burns resolves to get her to stay, whatever it takes! With his pranks and pratfalls, Burns creates a very tangled web in this charming comedy from a long-gone era.

If you're hankering for Grant on the big screen, check out BAM's Cary Grant Film Festival, which has screenings until August 20.

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