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Super Shorts: Synesthesia

Terri Timely's wonderfully surreal short turns the poetic neurological concept into a deranged visual symphony. Plus: a creepy video for the musician St. Vincent!

Terri Timely

Probably the easiest-to-explain example of the brain-wire crossing neurological concept of synesthesia is when somebody associates (and sees in their brain) certain colors with numbers. But it doesn't stop there—essentially, synesthesia is when the stimulation of one sensory/cognitive pathway leads to another automatic experience in another sensory/cognitive pathway.

Which is a mouthful! But Terri Timely's (who are two men, Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey) impressive short film turns that concept into an audio/visual feast for the eyes. They have a real gift for composition and color; every frame of the short looks great, and is immediately strange and engrossing. It's a short that will warp your mind—pleasurably—for a few minutes. Enjoy!


from Terri Timely on Vimeo.

Bonus: St. Vincent, "Actor Out of Work"

Terri Timely first came to our attention via their video, "Actor Out of Work," for the musician St. Vincent (who, like Timely, is really someone else: the guitar goddess Annie Clark). They're doing really interesting work together—it's fascinating how they're utilizing Clark's doe-eyed beauty and turning it sinister. In this sharp video, the title's interpreted rather literally, as Clark plays someone evaluating a bunch of actors crying on cue. The effect? Absolutely unnerving.




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