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Super Shorts:<br />Lights! Camera! Fashion!

Bloomingdale's and Young Indies Films teamed up for BFLIX, commissioning short films from emerging filmmakers. The results are whimsical, fresh, and engaging, celebrating the spirit of independent film.

Tribeca Film celebrates the spirit of independent film in its many forms, and we are the first to shout "hurrah!" whenever commercial entities choose to support filmmakers in the pursuit of their art.

With this autumn's BFLIX contest, Bloomingdale's and Young Indies have teamed up do just that. In commissioning five short films as part of its fall fashion campaign, Bloomingdale's has subverted its traditional ad strategy; though each unique snippet of artistic vision has a subtle nod to the department store, none even remotely resembles a billboard or fashion ad.

A board game comes alive through animation (via Andrew Hunt); an interracial, outer-borough relationship develops (via Barry Jenkins); best friends present a recession survival guide (via Emily Abt); the lingerie department evokes nostalgia (via Antonio Campos); and the ritual of tea reaches across generations (via Amy RedfordHall Powell): each film celebrates the spirit of our diverse city, with the class, grace, and whimsy one expects from Bloomingdale's.

BFLIX is a contest where viewers are encouraged to watch all five films online, engage in the conversation on the BFLIX site, and vote for their favorite. Please do your part: the winning filmmaker will receive a glamorous trip to Film Independent's Spirit Awards, which could certainly do wonders for one's career.

Bloomingdale's and Young Indies are also hosting a very special evening at Tribeca Cinemas on October 13, where the films will be screened and the directors will discuss their work. Enter to win two tickets! Deadline for entries: October 7.

Without further ado, we present the 2009 BFLIX contenders. Enjoy!


BFlix: Tall Enough

Tall Enough
dir. Barry Jenkins

In this innovative and creative love story from the director of this year's indie hit
Medicine for Melancholy, two young artists find each other in a very special place,
connecting across cultures, boroughs, and family traditions.

Click to watch.

BFlix: Tea For 3

Tea For 3
dir. Amy RedfordHall Powell

In Tea for 3, Redford and Powell have crafted a dreamy cross-generational story,
with a winning and precocious young star with a penchant for questions.
Also, any time we get to see New York stage actress Elizabeth Marvel is a treat.

Click to watch.

My Adventures in Ladies' Undergarments, 4th Floor

My Adventures in Ladies' Under Garments, 4th Floor
dir. Antonio Campos

Remember going shopping with Mom as a kid, and how the mannequins could
entrance you with their icy perfection? The mysteries of the department store are
explored in this subtle and charming piece of nostalgia.
Click to watch.


The Love Game
dir. Andrew Hunt

Animation and live-action combine in this whimsical look at modern dating.
Two board game pieces stand in for their real-life counterparts, challenging each
other to take risks and share the spotlight.

Click to watch.

BFlix: Recession Special

Recession Special
dir. Emily Abt

Two best friends—and seemingly polar opposites—face our current economic
crisis in their own ways. Emily Abt takes a colorful and timely look at the resiliency
young people need to survive and thrive in today's world.

Click to watch.

After you've watched the movies, comment and vote for your favorite by October 11!

And don't forget to enter to win two tickets to the BFLIX theatrical premiere on Tuesday, October 13. We'd love to see you there!


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