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Free Flick Fridays: Brighton Beach Memoirs

Neil Simon's classic coming of age story is back on Broadway this month, and we're celebrating by pointing you towards the film version with Jonathan Silverman and Blythe Danner.

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Dir. Gene Saks (1986)

Brighton Beach Memoirs was the first play in Neil Simon's Eugene Trilogy, which followed the autobiographical exploits of a nice kid growing up middle class and Jewish in the titular nabe. Matthew Broderick originated the role of Eugene on Broadway, which made him a star, and he was busy on the Great White Way in Biloxi Blues when the inevitable film version came around. So subbing for Broderick in Saks' film is the actor Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's), whose relatable neurosis carries over into the tale of a fifteen-year-old boy in 1937 who loves girls, would like to have sex at some point, and also loves baseball. With uberWASP Blythe Danner (mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, of course, who visited Brighton Beach in Two Lovers, er, as a WASP) as the Jewish mother whose presence guilts the boy into future success. It's heartwarming, relateable stuff, which is why it's being revived twenty years later. Whether the film works as well as the original production or the new one is up to you. What's not to love?

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