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Free Flick Fridays: Lawn Dogs

Mischa Barton—when she was an expressive child actress—and a young Sam Rockwell surprise in the indie gem Lawn Dogs.

Lawn Dogs

Lawn Dogs

dir. John Duigan (1997)

Naked Sam Rockwell, when-she-was-a-promising child actress Mischa Barton, and exurban ennui/satire penned by a MacArthur Grant-winning playwright (Naomi Wallace) all adds up to a "lost indie gem," according to the Cold Case sages at Movieline. John Duigan's (he also helmed the Australian flick Flirting, with a very young Nicole Kidman) film follows the friendship between "lawn dog" Trent (Rockwell), a young man doing the landscaping in a snooty neighborhood, and the young outcast Devon Stockard (Barton). With dashes of classic mythology and magical realism, this film provides a sweet respite for outsiders everywhere, and also proves that Rockwell (who you could see in Moon, Gentlemen Broncos, or the upcoming Everybody's Fine this year) is perenially awesome, whatever the movie.

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