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Enjoy: Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club!

Join us downtown for the inaugural edition of the Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club, an event curated by TFF programmers with delightful short films, a feature (Mad Hot Ballroom), director appearances, and fun activities!

Mad Hot Ballroom

Going to the movies is a magical thing when you're a kid. With the inaugural edition of the Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club, this Saturday, November 7, kids and adults alike have several chances to really delve into the magic of the cinema. Kids and adults can catch brilliant shorts, both fiction and documentary, or dive into the fascinating world of Marilyn Agrelo's documentary Mad Hot Ballroom, where New York elementary schoolers learn ballroom dancing. (And, as made clear from the preview, the movie is filled with relatable, real kids being kiddish and having youthful emotions and fun times dancing.)

November 7, 10:30 am

(Ages 3+)

Shorts Program

The morning shorts program focuses on the work of three filmmakers: Jennifer Oxley, Jay Rosenblatt, and Eva Saks. There will be a post-screening Q&A with the directors, who are all Tribeca Film Festival alumni. Oxley (who's worked on Sesame Street and Nick Jr.'s Little Bill) makes films that are short, darling animations—one, The Melancholy Puff Machine, follows a tattered puff doll who falls in love.

Rosenblatt is a daring documentary filmmaker, and with the birth of his adorable child Ella, he's moved into making short films focusing on her life. I'm Charlie Chaplin follows Ella at Halloween, as she dresses up as Chaplin, having a grand old time, and what happens next.

Saks, the last filmmaker in this set, has a fantastically whimsical eye; I saw her short, Colorforms, online, as an example of the Indian holiday Pagwa/Holi, where the custom is to throw around colored powder everywhere. In Saks' take, Pawga in Queens is where a messy little girl, hindered by her neat Upper East Side New York lifestyle, can be herself. It's wonderful.

for the 10:30 am screening (ages 3+)

for the double feature (includes both screenings)

To get you excited for this program, here's Saks' Confection, about a little girl with dreams of ballet and pastry.


November 7, 1:30 pm
(Ages 7+)

Mad Hot Ballroom
(104 min, 2004)
directed by Marilyn Agrelo

The second half of the program (and tickets are available for the morning or the afternoon, or you can take in a double feature) is Marilyn Agrelo's Mad Hot Ballroom. Based on a feature article by writer Amy Sewell (who also produced the film), the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival alum sets the scene in New York, going to Tribeca, Bensonhurst, and Washington Heights to watch as a wonderfully diverse range of kids learn ballroom dancing through the public school system.

Building up to a city-wide competition, Agrelo has a great eye for the charming, kid-like behavior of these dancers, and it's heartwarming to watch them gain confidence and skill through dance. Agrelo, Sewell, and some students featured in the film will be available for a post-screening Q&A. (You can ask Agrelo about working with Jessica Alba and a classroom of kids on her next feature, An Invisible Sign of My Own.)

for the 1:30 pm screening (ages 7+)

for the double feature (includes both screenings)
The preview is sure to make you smile.


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TC Kids Club Event Schedule
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All events take place at Tribeca Cinemas, at 54 Laight Street. Click here for directions.



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