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Take Art to the Streets

Sponsored by CHANEL, the Tribeca Art Awards celebrate diversity and innovation in the art world. The mural created by world-renowned French street artist JR and famed camouflage artist Liu Bolin is symbolic of the spirit of these awards.

In late March, JR (a 2011 TED prize winner) and Liu Bolin took to the streets on the Lower East Side looking for the perfect location for the giant street mural they were determined to create. The epic multilayered art project that ensued drew the attention of both passers by and art lovers from all over the city.

JR and Liu Bolin’s one-story mural was a three-step process. They began with a photograph of Liu Bolin eye and fingers, taken by JR. JR then constructed, assembled and wheat-pasted the picture onto a garage door at 11 Spring Street. After JR’s special brand of adhesive was added to complete the installation of the mural, Bolin (nickname: Invisible Man) employed his signature techniques to camouflage JR into the mural. He captured the results with his camera, along with many bystanders.

JR & Liu Bolin/Credit:Meshakai Wolf

While the exploding mural was taken down almost immediately, the photographs of the collaboration between JR and Liu Bolin will continue to delight both veteran art enthusiasts and converts for a long time to come. Liu Bolin’s work is currently on display in his latest show, Lost in Art, at Eli Klein Fine Art Galley on West Broadway, which closes on May 11, 2012.

Like what you see? Tune in to The Tribeca Film Festival Awards, on April 26 at 7 pm, streaming live in the Tribeca Online Film Festival. In addition to prize money and other perks, select TFF 2012 Award winners will also be presented with art works donated by masters like Stephen Hannock, Clifford Ross, Cindy Sherman and JR himself.

JR & Liu Bolin/Credit:Meshakai Wolf

All Pictures Courtesy of Meshakai Wolf


See all the art of The Tribeca Art Awards in person at The New York Academy of Art at 111 Franklin Street in Manhattan. This exhibit is free and open to the public, daily through April 25. Hours are Monday through Sunday from 11 am-7 pm.


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