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TFF 2012: Before the Movie

Before each Tribeca screening you attend this Festival, sit back and enjoy our new on-screen pre-show and trailers, compliments of Fresh Paint.

Thanks to FRESH PAINT, the innovative Brooklyn-based design and commercial production company, our TFF 2012 on-screen pre-show will provide enticing peeks at Festival fare and events yet to come. FRESH PAINT specializes in combining live action and groundbreaking visual effects to create a unique vision. We might be a little biased, but we love their work! 

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll be seeing around the Festival:

Fresh PaintFresh Paint

As you see, we have plenty of reasons to be excited about our new partnership with Fresh Paint, which is led by Creative Director Kevin Robinson and Technical Director Michael Papagni. Along with designing the Pre-Show, Kevin Robinson also directed our Short Branded Film for Tribeca Film’s On-Demand Service (titled Bring Tribeca Home). And as part of the Fresh Paint team, Eli Mavros directed TFF’s spot for our brand of merchandise (titled: Buy It. Wear It. Before the Action Happens). Kurt Peloquin swiftly produced all of the above with passion for the task at hand.

This collaborative group of artists focuses on creating dynamic and imaginative imagery for all kinds of media outlets. They have worked on packages for Spike TV, Food Network, TCM, Showtime, and TNT... and now, the Tribeca Film Festival!


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