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Today at Tribeca: 4.26.12

On deck today: panels on distribution, new platforms, the digital marketplace, and young filmmakers on the streets of NYC. And, of course, more screenings, including several Heineken Audience Award contenders!

Is it really Day 9 of TFF 2012? Time really flies, and we're still having fun. We encourage you to join us at our last Future of Film Lunch Series and more. Plus: there are plenty of movies left to see—get tickets now (or brave those rush lines) and enjoy the Festival while it's still here! 

12:00 pm: 92Y Tribeca
Price: FREE

♦ ANDREW WEISSMAN, Co-Founder of Betaworks and Partner at Union Square Ventures
♦ JASON HIRSCHHORN, Curator @MediaReDEF, former President of MySpace and Sling Media, and Chief Digital Officer of MTV Networks

As successful entrepreneurs and media/internet executives, Weissman and Hirschhorn will speak openly about the future of film, exploring the topics of business models, new platforms, distribution, funding trends and our constantly changing media landscape.

JAMES LAWLER, independent producer of DON'T LET ME DOWN and 30 FOR 30 and founder of Constellation, and DAVID LARKIN, founder and CEO of, a search engine and universal queue for movies, will discuss the current state of independent filmmaking, digital technology, and the emerging markets of crowd-sourced theatrical screenings, and data-driven distribution.

We are sad to report that TED HOPE had to pull out of the event due to a film scheduling conflict.

Note: This series has been quite popular, and advance RSVPs for this event are now closed, so get there early to ensure a spot as a walk-in.

2:30 pm:
 SVA Theater 
Price: FREE
Sponsored by SAP

Join Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Executive VP and CMO at Time Warner CableEugene Hernandez, Director of Digital Strategy at the Film Society of Lincoln CenterJohn Sloss, founder of Cinetic Media and Sloss Eckhouse Law Co LLP, and Stephanie Sharis, COO of SnagFilms, Inc., for a discussion about navigating today's digital marketplace. Moderated by Richard Whittington, senior VP of media and entertainment at SAP.

5:00 pm: BMCC TPAC

Price: FREE
Please RSVP here 

Come celebrate the vision, promise, and diversity of New York City youth-produced media! Curated by the Tribeca Film Institute, this screening showcases the best student-made work from across NYC. 

There are still plenty of great Festival movies to check out! Remember, you can still buy tickets through Facebook.

The Virgin, the Copts and Me
11:30 am: AMC Village VII

In his feature debut, French-Egyptian filmmaker Namir Abdel Messeeh sets out for Cairo to investigate the phenomenon of miraculous Virgin Mary apparitions in Egypt's Coptic Christian community. As he seeks out witnesses to the well-known 1968 sighting in Zeitoun, the professed secular skeptic Namir quickly discovers that no one within the church will agree to speak with him. Without the cooperation of the Coptic community, and facing opposition from his traditional family and skittish producers unwilling to fund his aimless project, Namir changes course and travels to his birth village hoping to find answers. 

Room 514
3:00 pm: AMC Village VII

When a young, idealistic Israeli military investigator confronts an elite soldier with accusations of unnecessary violence against a Palestinian man in the Occupied Territories, her integrity and determination are put to the test as the case proves less black and white than it originally seemed. Taking a stand against a perceived abuse of power in spite of her colleagues' advice to back off because of the political complexities of the case, her increasingly zealous quest for justice ends up having far-reaching consequences for everyone involved. 

On The Mat
4:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Achieving greatness in high school wrestling requires a level of devotion unmatched perhaps by any other sport. That greatness has become a yearly expectation at Lake Stevens High, winner of seven Washington state championships. With the pressure on following a disappointing fourth-place finish the previous year, the team will have to work harder than ever to reclaim the title.

Check out our interview with On the Mat director Fredric Golding

5:30 pm: Chelsea Clearview 

Mysticism and color reign in this stunning documentary, steeped in the fishermen lore of Kenya. Dutch filmmaker Jeroen van Velzen explores his visceral memories of an early youth spent in coastal Kenya, where a reverence for the sea reigns high. Via the locals' enigmatic recitation of a well known folktale, we are introduced to a spirit-filled island, to which a fisherman's visit has the magic to alternately bless or curse his bounty. 

Supporting Characters
5:30 pm: SVA Theater 

Best friends Nick (Alex Karpovsky) and Darryl (Tarik Lowe) are a film editing power duo hired to rework a movie in crisis. But what should have been business as usual has taken them into a personal tailspin of their own. After some professional run-ins, Nick's seemingly innocent attraction to the film's flirtatious starlet sparks questions about his own stable relationship, and wannabe player Darryl falls hard for tempestuous pop dancer Liana (Melanie Diaz), who may have a game of her own to play. All of this takes place while the editing team tries to navigate the neuroses of the film's director (Kevin Corrigan), his dubious choices, and a new gig that tests the limits of their friendship.

Check out our interview with Supporting Characters director Dan Schechter

Shorts: Long Story Short
6:00 pm: AMC Village VII

A Soviet family searching for a modest paradise is swept into the immense Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, recalled through small episodes as Leonid's Story. Experience the Egyptian revolution through the eyes of a Bedouin falcon trainer who sees the regime fall from afar and speaks of how falconry and government are similar in A Falcon, A Revolution. Over the course of The New Yorker magazine cartoonists' weekly lunch, four prominent artists share their styles, inspirations, and creative processes in Every Tuesday: A Portrait of the New Yorker Cartoonists. Ballet shoes are worn by delicate girls, but they're crafted by burly men whose hands tell another story in The Perfect Fit. For the last 53 years, The Last Ice Merchant Baltazar Ushca has harvested glacial ice from the tallest mountain in Ecuador, prompting this tale of cultural change and indigenous people. A tour of the Oregon State Hospital conducted to uncover the deplorable conditions there uncovers thousands of corroded copper urns containing the cremated remains of unclaimed psychiatric patients in Library of Dust.

6:30 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

After his brother is killed by yakuza for an unpaid loan taken on his behalf to finance films, Shinji takes a turn toward masochism to both assuage his guilt and save his own life. Literally and figuratively torturing himself by charging bar patrons and gangsters to land punches on his frail frame, he slowly works off his debt to his brother's killers one hit at a time. Iranian-born writer/director Amir Naderi mourns the immanent loss of his beloved cinema through this modern parable set in Japan. From Kenji Mizoguchi to Akira Kurosawa, he pays homage to the Japanese masters through style and form as well as character and story. 

Check out our interview with Cut director Amir Naderi

Turn 0ff the Lights
10:00 pm:
Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Offering a rare peek into contemporary Roma culture, the three very different ex-cons try to reconcile the outside world with the gray-shaded areas of morality with which they all struggle. Showing the cocoon of their former one-room existence painted in stark contrast to the realities of their outside community, Turn Off the Lights is a portrait of reintegration in a society where indulgence, violence, and excess are a matter of survival.

Tomorrow at Tribeca: Watch out for...

Tribeca Talks Industry - New Filmmakers on Film
2:30 pm SVA Theater
Sponsored by Panavision

While a growing number of filmmakers turn to digital technology, Panavision's grant program still offers artists the chance to shoot on film by providing them with exclusive camera packages with legendary Panavision lenses, as well as a wide range of digital cameras. Join Una Noche director Lucy Mulloy, Kodak's US Account Manager of Features and Post-Production Bob Mastronardi, cinematographer Guy Godfree, producer Casey Fenton (Unmanned), Panavision NY's Peter Brogna, and other film artists as they discuss the program and new opportunities for emerging talent. Moderated by Panavision's New Filmmaker Program Manager, Mike Dallatorre.

Apple Store Panel: 2 Days in New York
7:00 pm: Apple Store-West 14th Street

Join writer, director, and actor Julie Delpy for a discussion of her new film, 2 Days in New York, the follow-up story to her well-received 2 Days in Paris. We follow Marion (Delpy), now split from Jack and living in New York with their child. Her family decides to visit, and she's unaware that the cultural differences between her new American boyfriend (Chris Rock), her father, and her sister Rose—added to the stress of her upcoming photo exhibition—will make for an explosive mix.


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