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Today at Tribeca: 4.23.12

Day 6: Today we welcome the work week with events exploring the Future of Film, the Business of Entertainment, and how film can globalize your thinking. Plus: It's Movie Monday!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the Fest is so delightful. Ok, so we might be a little slap happy. Seriously folks, what better way to beat those Monday blues than with some great TFF 2012 films and free panels? There is no better way!

Future of Film Lunch Series: April 23
12:00 pm: 92Y Tribeca
Price: FREE
Click to RSVP to this event and guarantee your seat!

Annie Correal (Head of Community at Cowbird) and Jigar Mehta (director of 18 Days in Egypt) will present projects that are helping redefine how people are using digital technology to tell stories and discuss what this means for the future of filmmaking.

Tribeca Talks Industry: The Business of Entertainment
2:30 pm:
SVA Theater
Price: FREE
Sponsored by: Bloomberg

Bloomberg returns with its signature program The Business of Entertainment. This year's discussion, "Going Global: Will Co-Production Save the Film Industry?" focuses on the recent rise of international co-production, exploring the benefits and obstacles of this often complex but rewarding strategy. Hear from major producers, financiers, and other key industry decision-makers. Panelists include co-producer of The Girl and CEO of Bonita Films Tania Zarak, Chairman and CEO of Endgame Entertainment James D. Stern, Chief Operating Officer of FilmNation Entertainment Milan Popelka, and producer and founder of Cine Mosaic Lydia Dean Pilcher. Moderated by Bloomberg News entertainment reporter Michael White.

Let Fury Have the Hour

Beyond the Screens: Globalize Your Thinking
Let Fury Have the Hour

5:30 pm:
SVA Theater
Tickets are still available

Sponsored by: OppenheimerFunds

In his feature directorial debut, author and visual artist Antonino D'Ambrosio spins a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers, and activists channeled their creativity into an organized response and resistance to the reactionary politics that increasingly defined American culture in the 1980s.


After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with director Antonino D'Ambrosio, film collaborator and artist Shepard Fairey, the MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, and activist and poet Staceyann Chin as they discuss the power of artistic expression. Moderated by broadcaster and author Laura Flanders.

Tribeca Films to Watch Today:

Tickets are still available for all these screenings. Don't tell your boss that we are encouraging you to play hooky, but it's very easy to buy your tickets on Facebook. Don't let us influence you....

All In
1:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Uriel, a professional poker player who has bluffed his way through life's rougher moments, has been on a real hot streak—with the ladies—since his marriage fizzled out. Happy with developing his online gambling business, being single, and raising his two sweet kids, Uriel takes a gamble and decides to have a vasectomy. But just as he embarks on his new life of freedom, he runs into his old pre-marriage flame, Gloria, newly arrived in Buenos Aires after years abroad.

3:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Brazil, 1943. Three brothers set out into the feral center of the country seeking adventure. Armed with an insatiable curiosity, they befriend a village of Xingu Indians, and together they build an airstrip to bring modernity to this ancient place. But after a flu epidemic wipes out half the village, the brothers' naïveté turns into a decades-long fight to protect the Xingu from the disastrous side effects of progress.

Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail
4:00 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Deaf and blind, Young-Chan lives in the quiet, isolated world of his small apartment, nursing dreams of someday becoming a successful writer. But when Soon-Ho, an empathetic woman herself compromised by a spinal disability, comes into his life, a unique love story begins.

The Russian Winter

The Russian Winter
5:30 pm: AMC Village VII

Born in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States and nominated for a Grammy at age 21 for his work on the multi-platinum Fugees album The Score, John Forté's life has brought triumphs and adversity the likes of which few people have known. Forté was educated at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy and then NYU, before his life changed dramatically in 2001 when he was convicted of drug possession and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison. But in 2008 Forté's prison sentence was remarkably commuted and he was given a second chance to share his talents with the world.

Read an interview with John Forté.

On THe MAt
6:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Narrated by Lake Stevens wrestling alum Chris Pratt (Moneyball), this riveting documentary follows the team from the training mats to the championship arena as they fight through adversity and set out to prove they've got the mind, body, and heart to claim the title once again.

Read an interview with director Fred Golding.

Consuming Spirits

Consuming Spirits
6:00 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Nearly 15 years in the making, Chris Sullivan's Consuming Spirits is a meticulously constructed tour de force of experimental animation. Shooting frame by frame in 16mm, Sullivan seamlessly blends together a range of techniques—cutout animation, pencil drawing, collage, and stop-motion animation—into a distinct, signature visual style. In the process, he constructs a hypnotic, layered narrative, a suspenseful gothic tale that tracks the intertwined lives of three kindred spirits working at a local newspaper in a Midwestern rust belt town.

Beyond the Hill

Beyond the Hill
6:45 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

In the quiet foothills of Turkey, Faik lives an isolated existence. When his second son brings his boys for a visit, Faik takes the opportunity to pontificate about the law of the land, as he sees it. He shares one unsolicited thought after the next, most particularly focusing on the elusive nomads whom he suspects have been trespassing on his property. The day and night wear on, and each member of the clan takes his turn entrusting the film's audience with his own dark secret.

Read an interview with director Emin Alper.

El Gusto
8:30 pm: AMC Village VII

A beautiful rhythmic cocktail of Andalusian, Berber, Arabic, and Flamenco traditions, chaabi music was the heart and soul of cosmopolitan Algiers in the 1940s. When the war of independence tore apart the peaceful Muslim and Jewish communities that came together to play this joyful, sometimes scandalous music, its greatest practitioners were flung back to France or scattered across an austere and increasingly authoritative Algeria. Fast-forward to 2003, when filmmaker Safinez Bousbia serendipitously discovered some old photographs of a music class from the '40s in an antique shop in Algiers. Inspired, she spent the next several years tracking down a group of friends kept apart for five decades to stage an extraordinary reunion concert.

Read an interview with director Safinez Bousbia.


9:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Months after a one-night-stand-gone-nowhere with his sexy coworker Danielle, sad-sack Boston scientist Paul still finds himself increasingly consumed with obsessive thoughts toward his clearly uninterested colleague. Paul nurtures his fantasies with the occasional polite exchange at work, believing Danielle will eventually come around, but when Danielle seems receptive to the advances of another lab worker, Paul's barely contained delusions and long-repressed impulses threaten to bubble over. Is Paul just a jilted loser, or is there something more dangerous lurking beneath the surface of his scarred psyche?

10:00 pm: AMC Village VII

A young vagabond couple pays for their wedding through work as professional guinea pigs. An aging African-American Muslim reconciles his memories of medical experiments conducted on him as an inmate in Philadelphia. An Army medic struggles with failed PTSD treatments. A woman mourns her son who committed suicide while taking part in an antidepressant marketing study. These are the medicated margins, those who've gone "off-label"—a term that refers to the use of pharmaceuticals in any way counter to their prescribed dosage or function. These are men and women for whom pharmaceutical use, abuse, and misuse are simply a way of life in a society that pathologizes the individual's desire for health, happiness, and even identity for profit.

Read an interview with directors Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri.

On tomorrow's agenda, check out...

12:00 pm: 92Y Tribeca
Price: FREE
Click to RSVP to this event and guarantee your seat!

From the definitive crowd-funding community to one of the fastest growing co-creation and publishing platforms, Kickstarter and Tumblr have made supporting the film community vital to their business. Elisabeth Holm (Director of Kickstarter's film program) and David Karp (Founder of Tumblr) will present the latest from these two market leaders and how their future will contribute to the future of film.

Tribeca Talks Industry - The Future Is Short: Storytelling in the Digital Age
2:30 pm: SVA Theater 
Price: FREE
Sponsored by FOCUS FORWARD

Join CINELAN co-founder Morgan Spurlock (Mansome), filmmaker Annie Sundberg (Knuckleball!), Jason Spingarn-Koff of the New York Times Op-Docs series, YouTube's Director of Content Partnerships Laura Lee, and others to discuss the power, art, and business of short-form storytelling. Moderated by Jason Wishnow, Director of Film and Video at TED.

Make sure to grab your umbrellas and see you tomorrow! 


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