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Today at Tribeca: 4.22.12

Day 5: Today we continue our celebration of the filmmakers--both established and emerging. Come learn the tricks behind the trades of greats Michael Moore and Ron Howard.

Looks like there might not be any "sun" in Sunday—but that's okay, Saturday was beautiful, wasn't it? And now that the Drive-In is behind us, let's hunker down in some movie theaters and get serious about the films and filmmaking at TFF 2012. 

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper –Based on the Book
1:00 pm: Barnes and Noble Union Square
Price: FREE

TFF filmmakers Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Headshot), Charles Matthau (Freaky Deaky), Donald Rice (Cheerful Weather for the Wedding), and more discuss their experiences adapting fiction to film. Moderated by Mark Adams, Chief Film Critic and Reviews Editor for Screen International. 


Tribeca Talks Industry: Imagine More
2:30 pm: SVA Theater
Price: FREE

Join us for a screening of WHEN YOU FIND MEthe Ron Howard-produced short film shot using Canon cameras, and a behind-the-scenes tour of the production, followed by a discussion with Canon representatives and filmmakers about the versatility of shooting with Canon cameras. Panelists include Canon USA Technical's Chuck Westfall, The Russian Winter director Petter Ringbom, CatCam director Seth Keal, and CatCam and Knuckleball! cinematographer Charles Miller. Moderated by Tribeca Enterprises' VP of Digital Media, Kristin McCracken

Tribeca Talks Directors Series: Michael Moore with Susan Sarandon
3:00 pm: BMCC Tribeca PAC
Buy tickets here

We can't wait for this event! Academy Award-winning filmmaker/activist Michael Moore will be interviewed by Academy Award-winning actor Susan Sarandon. Don't forget—rush tickets at BMCC TPAC are only $8, if you make a last-minute decision to head downtown.

TFF Films to Watch Today:

A Falcon, A Revolution

Shorts: Long Story Short
noon, AMC Village VII

Broaden your mind with this exciting group of shorts with subjects ranging from New Yorker Cartoonists to a Soviet family searching for a modest paradise is swept into the immense Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 to harvesting glacial ice to ballet shoes crafted by the toughest of men and more much. Films in this program include Leonid's Story,  A Falcon, A Revolution, Every Tuesday: A Portrait of the New Yorker Cartoonists, The Perfect Fit, The Last Ice Merchant and Library of Dust

Let Fury Have the Hour
3:30 pm, SVA Theatre Silas

An exuberant mixed media collage that incorporates graphic art, music, animation, and spoken word, the film is a distinctive perspective on an era in time, retelling the history of modern America through the voices of the artists that interpreted and influenced it through their work, including Shepard Fairey, Eve Ensler,  John Sayles, Chuck D, Tom Morello, Lewis Black, and dozens more.

5:30 pm, Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Mysticism and color reign in this stunning documentary, steeped in the fishermen lore of Kenya.  Enter Masoud, a legend of shark fishing, a man who proudly wears his scars and knotted bones as proof of decades spent battling underwater foes. We are soon introduced to a spirit-filled island, to which a fisherman's visit has the magic to alternately bless or curse his bounty.



Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail
7:00 pm, Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Deaf and blind, Young-Chan lives in the quiet, isolated world of his small apartment, nursing dreams of someday becoming a successful writer. But when Soon-Ho, an empathetic woman herself compromised by a spinal disability, comes into his life, a unique love story begins.



Jack and Diane
8:30 pm: AMC Village VII

Tomboy Jack (Riley Keough) and bubbly Diane (Juno Temple) fall head over heels in love one hot summer in New York City. But neither Jack's tough exterior nor Diane's demure innocence prepare them for the intensity of their feelings. When Diane reveals she must leave at the end of the summer, Jack pushes her away. As Diane struggles to maintain their budding romance, she must also try to conceal from Jack the increasingly dark and violent visions that have begun to plague her.

Room 514
9:45 pm: AMC Village VII

When a young, idealistic military investigator confronts an elite soldier with accusations of unnecessary violence against a Palestinian man in the Occupied Territories, her quest for justice ends up having far-reaching consequences. Director Sharon Bar-Ziv's feature debut is a gritty minimalist drama that provides a raw, direct look at the psyche of contemporary Israeli culture as shaped by the effects of the ongoing conflict.


10:00 pm, AMC Village VII

With subtle, moving performances by Tom O'Brien, Chris Messina, Rich Sommer, Sarah Paulson, and Alexie Gilmore, this film follows three old friends as they reacquaint themselves after years filled with life-defining experiences, pushing the limits of their friendship and uncovering secrets from the past.



11:30 pm, AMC Village VII

Following the tragic death of their young daughter, Mark and Mary (Selma Blair) Hughes decide to escape from their busy lives to their upscale vacation home in the woods, along with their son. Their attempt to get some quality time together is interrupted when an unusually friendly neighboring family with a hidden agenda stops by for dinner. It soon becomes clear that something much more sinister is at work.

Looking ahead to  Monday, April 23, some highlights: 

Future of Film Lunch Series

Future of Film Lunch Series: April 23
Monday, 12:00 pm: 92 Tribeca Y
Price: FREE
Click to RSVP to this event and guarantee your seat!

Annie Correal (Head of Community at Cowbird) and Jigar Mehta (director of 18 Days in Egypt) will each present projects that are helping redefine how people are using digital technology to tell stories and discuss what this means for the future of filmmaking. Open to the public; no ticket required. 

Tribeca talks Industry - The Business of Entertainment
2:30 pm, SVA Theater Beatrice
Price: FREE 

Bloomberg returns with its signature program The Business of Entertainment. This year's discussion, “Going Global: Will Co-Production Save the Film Industry?” focuses on the recent rise of international co-production, exploring the benefits and obstacles of this often complex but rewarding strategy. Hear from major producers, financiers, and other key industry decision-makers. 

See you soon!


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