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Today at Tribeca: 4.27.12

Day 10: It's the end of the work week, so naturally, we hope you're planning a movie-filled weekend! On deck: New Filmmakers on Film, the history of BAM, a doc about rock legends Queen, and more.

This is a particularly bittersweet TGIF because TFF 2012 is nearing the end. Though, with the excitement of yesterday's thought-provoking panels and awards ceremony, it's hard to feel too down. Check out what's in store for Festival fans today and on the horizon for Saturday.

2:30 pm: SVA Theater
Sponsored by Panavision
Price: FREE

While a growing number of filmmakers turn to digital technology, Panavision's grant program still offers artists the chance to shoot on film by providing them with exclusive camera packages with legendary Panavision lenses, as well as a wide range of digital cameras. Join UNA NOCHE director (and big TFF winner!) Lucy MulloyKodak's US Account Manager of Features and Post-Production Bob Mastronardi, cinematographer Guy Godfree, producer Casey Fenton (UNMANNED), Panavision NY's Peter Brogna, and other film artists as they discuss the program and new opportunities for emerging talent. Moderated by Panavision's New Filmmaker Program Manager, Mike Dallatorre.

Bam 150
6:30 pm: SVA Theater
Tickets still available

In 1861, Brooklyn was a cultural backwater, dwarfed by the artistic achievements of its wealthy neighbor across the East River. The establishment of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, however, began to put the borough on the map. TFF alum Michael Sládek's (Con Artist) lovingly crafted documentary takes us through BAM's colorful history and behind the scenes at the nation's oldest performing arts center.

Central to the story is the relentless determination and sharp vision of BAM's leaders, enabling survival in tough times and establishing the institution as a creative home for such greats as Pina Bausch, Robert Wilson, Merce Cunningham, and Mark Morris. The film shows that BAM's years were not always easy, but are a testament to the power and stamina of the institution that launched Brooklyn as a cultural mecca.

There are still tickets for these great TFF 2012 films, but hurry! They are going fast...

Turn Off The Lights
2:30 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Offering a rare peek into contemporary Roma culture, the three very different ex-cons try to reconcile the outside world with the gray-shaded areas of morality with which they all struggle. Showing the cocoon of their former one-room existence painted in stark contrast to the realities of their outside community, Turn Off the Lights is a portrait of reintegration in a society where indulgence, violence, and excess are a matter of survival.

Rat King
3:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Eighteen-year-old Juri spends his days absorbed in his computer gaming world, to the exclusion of school, friends, and his exasperated girlfriend. One night his Internet ally "Modred," actually another student named Niki, turns up at his door, fearing for his life. Niki is caught in the grasp of a mysterious new online game, and Juri, warned of the dangers but with nothing to lose, eagerly follows him down the rabbit hole. Initially unimpressed with a game that seems to be nothing but a series of banal tasks, Juri soon finds himself immersed in an all-consuming race against the clock for his very life.

Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie
5:30 pm: AMC Village VII

Morton Downey Jr. was a chain-smoking showman, extremist, and master of provocation with the smile of a movie star and the mouth of a sailor. He was a son of a crooner and a sonofabitch whose friends in high places did not make him nearly as famous as his friends in low. ÉVOCATEUR pays tribute to Downey Jr.'s legacy by showing that, while his act may have been all fistfights and F-bombs, there were deeper layers to both Mort and his show. He had a calculated plan for a new entertainment, and his politics—whether staunch beliefs or make-believe—were the driving vehicle.

Queen: Days Of Our Lives
9:30 pm: BMCC TPAC

Relive the triumphant legacy of Queen in this comprehensive documentary of the band's career from the late 1960s to today. Packed full of rare archival footage of the band hashing out their signature overdub sound in the recording studio, mind-blowing live performances, and Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon's candid reflections on their career and the last days of Freddie Mercury, Queen: Days Of Our Lives is any fan's dream. 

11:30 pm: AMC Village VII

Terrified, bloodied, and clutching a shotgun, Oscar Svendsen awakes and emerges from underneath a dead body. He finds himself in the midst of a crime scene in what used to be a respectable strip joint, surrounded by corpses and staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at him by a detective with the National Criminal Investigation Service. Naturally, Oscar is taken into custody, and during his interrogation he timidly relates a bloody story of betrayal, murder, and a soccer lottery prize that was meant to be shared with three ex-con co-workers. But is this the whole story? 

Spend your Saturday with Tribeca!

Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair
Tribeca/ESPN Sports Day
The NeverEnding Story
10 am-6 pm
Price: FREE 

Learn more about all the family and community events happening downtown on Saturday. Bring the kiddoes and make a day of it. What's better than free fun, with a few movies sprinkled in?

1:30 pm: SVA Theater

Sponsored by: The Sloan Foundation

At the forefront of popular computer hacking in the 1980s, WarGames takes on advances in national security and the vulnerabilities of new technology as the backdrop for a coming-of-age thriller starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Almost 30 years after its release, John Badham and Lawrence Lasker's Oscar-nominated film speaks to contemporary concerns of modern-day network security, gaming technology, and hacking culture. Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as part of the TFI Sloan Film Program, now in its 11th year.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with director John Badham, actress Ally Sheedy, Bitcoin Technical Lead Gavin Andresen, William D. Casebeer, PhD, Program Manager, Defense Sciences Office at DARPA (USAF, retired), and computer hacker and inventor Pablos Holman about the historical relationship between military strategy and technical innovation, storytelling with gaming and simulation tools, and the challenges of depicting cutting-edge technology on the big screen. Moderated by Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Craig Hatkoff.

Tribeca Talks Directors Series: Jim Sheridan with Naomi Sheridan
2:30 pm: SVA Theater
Tickets are still available

Academy Award-nominated director of My Left Foot, In The Name Of The Father and In America Jim Sheridan will be interviewed by his daughter, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Naomi Sheridan.

And on Sunday, catch screenings of all the award winners, including those announced last night AND the Heineken Audience Award winners, which will be revealed on Saturday night.

Most importantly, as the Festival comes to a close, make every minute count. Once it's over on Sunday, you'll have to wait a whole ’nother year. 


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