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Today at Tribeca: 4.29.12

Day 12: The last day of any TFF is always sad, but we're not going to dwell on that fact. Celebrate the end of our 11th Festival by seeing as many award-winning films and special screenings as you can!

Now for the million dollar question: what should you watch at the last day of TFF 2012? 

You came to countless TFF 2012 films and voted, so now, check out the winners of the Heineken Audience Awards for both Narrative and Documentary! First- and second-place winners in both categories have encore screenings on Sunday.

Check out the rest of the TFF 2012 Award-Winning Films:

War Witch

World Narrative Competition Award Winner: War Witch
3:00 pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm:  Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

At 14, Komona has lived through horrors that eclipse any adult's worst nightmares. In this mesmerizing, otherworldly drama, shot entirely in the Congo, she confides to the baby growing inside of her the harrowing story of her life since rebel warlords stormed her village. Fortified by eerily mystical powers and the warming friendship of an albino boy, the sensitive girl battles through this dire, war-ravaged world enchained as a child soldier.

The World Before Her

pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Weaving together the seemingly opposing stories of the Miss India beauty pageant and a fundamentalist Hindu camp for girls, director Nisha Pahuja illuminates the situation of women across contemporary India, drawing surprising parallels in the way women are perceived and the opportunities that are afforded them in both modernizing and traditional cultures. THE WORLD BEFORE HER is a riveting, thoughtful profile of the fundamental contradictions of a country in transition. 

Una Noche

Best New Narrative Director Award: Lucy Mulloy, Una Noche
11:30 am:
Clearview Cinemas Chelsea (ND)
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea (ND)

Best Cinematography - Narrative Award: Una Noche
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea (Cine)
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea (Cine)

Fed up with catering to the privileged tourist class, Cuban teens Raul and Elio are tantalized by the promise of a new life in Miami. Accused of assaulting a foreigner, Raul has no choice but to flee, but Elio must decide whether his own escape is worth abandoning his beloved sister. Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana's restless youth and evocative cinematography of the sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tensions, that burns to a shocking climax.


Best New Documentary Director Award: Jeroen van Velzen, Wavumba
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Mysticism and color reign in this stunning documentary steeped in the fishermen lore of Kenya. Revisiting a childhood fairy tale of a spirit-filled island with the magic to either bless or curse a fisherman's journey, Dutch filmmaker Jeroen van Velzen explores his memories via Masoud, a real-life legend of shark fishing. His glory days long gone, Masoud relives his youth through grandiose stories told with swaggering pride and heartbreaking nostalgia.

All In

Best Screenplay - Narrative Award: All In
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Professional poker player Uriel has been on a real hot streak—with the ladies—since his marriage fizzled out. But in between growing his online gambling business and helping to raise his kids, Uriel has rediscovered his old pre-marriage flame, Gloria…. Starring the great Valeria Bertuccelli (XXY) and Oscar-winning songwriter Jorge Drexler, this romantic comedy from Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace) unfolds in the acclaimed director's signature style: poignant, natural, and bitingly funny.

The Flat

Best Editing - Documentary Award: The Flat
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

At age 98, director Arnon Goldfinger's grandmother passed away, leaving him the task of clearing out the Tel Aviv flat that she and her husband shared since immigrating to Palestine from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. In this emotionally riveting documentary, Goldfinger follows the hints they left behind in a lifetime's collection of documents to investigate long-buried family secrets and uncover the mystery of his grandparents' painful past.

On the Mat

Best Online Feature Award Winner: On the Mat
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea
pm: Clearview Cinemas Chelsea

Achieving greatness in high school wrestling requires a level of devotion unmatched perhaps by any other sport. That greatness has become a yearly expectation at Lake Stevens High, winner of seven Washington state championships in the past 10 years. Narrated by Lake Stevens wrestling alum Chris Pratt (Moneyball), this riveting documentary follows the team over the course of a season as they fight through injuries and academic issues to maintain their school's legacy. 

Here are some other great TFF 2012 playing on Sunday...see them while you can!

Portrait of Wally

Portrait of Wally
11:30 am: AMC Village VII

In 1939, Nazis seized control of Austrian art collector Lea Bondi's beloved Egon Schiele painting "Portrait of Wally." For 70 years the Bondi family fought to reclaim the painting in a battle that pitted them against the likes of the Austrian government, billionaire art collectors, MoMA, and NPR. Director Andrew Shea's documentary is a fascinating and intricate detective story that highlights the struggle between doing what is right and doing what is convenient.

Town of Runners

Town of Runners
pm: AMC Village VII

In Bekoji, Ethiopia, running is a way of life. Over the past two decades this small, rural town has been the unlikely home to numerous Olympic champion long-distance runners, whose athletic success has paved the way for young Ethiopians searching for a better life. Among the current group training under renowned coach Sentayehu Eshetu (whose protégé Derartu Tulu was the first African woman to win Olympic gold) are Alemi and Hawii, two teenage girls looking to set themselves apart from their teammates in Bekoji and move on to compete at the national level.

Whole Lotta Sole

Whole Lotta SoLE
3:00 pm: AMC Village VII

Shifting gears from weightier films like Hotel Rwanda and Reservation Road, Terry George (a two-time Oscar nominee for screenwriting and a winner this year for his short film The Shore) entertains with this madcap Irish crime comedy rife with amusement. Brendan Fraser charms, and a colorful cast of character actors bring delightful energy and wit, including Dublin-born Colm Meany as crotchety Detective Inspector Weller and Scotsman David O'Hara as Flynn.


Shorts: Escape Clause
pm: AMC Village VII

An Air Force drone pilot operates air strikes in Afghanistan from a base in America, returning each day to his wife and son in suburbia, but when his team makes a lethal mistake, he is forced to face reality beyond the cubicle in Unmanned. Alone in a brightly lit studio, a ballerina recalls her old choreography, leaping and spinning in front of an invisible audience in Prima. Amit and her female life partner Noa have decided to take a crucial step and have a baby, but despite their strong self-confidence, after the baby's birth neither one of them knows what to do next in Stitches. A French narrator jumps from one dramatic scene to another, confused about the story that he is trying to tell in Voice Over. When Jason and his mother attend a funeral service of someone they have never met, they accidentally wind up leading The Procession. An ordinary suburban mom carefully plans a life-changing trip to Paris, but when her plans go terribly awry, she finds herself alone on the banks of the Seine wondering why the city of dreams cannot magically fill her life with meaning in Picture Paris.

While We Were Here

While We Were Here
pm: AMC Village VII

In this tightly crafted relationship drama, Jane (Kate Bosworth) and her husband Leonard (Iddo Goldberg) travel to Naples hoping to reinvigorate their silently disintegrating marriage and escape a personal tragedy that hangs heavily between them. Jane, left alone most days while Leonard works, wanders the streets listening to tapes she made of interviews with her grandmother, seeking inspiration to finish a book based on the old recordings. Facing writer's block, she takes a day trip to stunning Ischia, where she meets Caleb (Jamie Blackley), a young American leading a hermetic yet Dionysian life on the island. As the two embark on an unlikely emotional affair, Jane's carefully constructed world begins to crack open and she faces drastic changes in her life.

Sexy Baby

Sexy Baby
9:00 pm:
AMC Village VII

These days, sex doesn't just sell, it saturates our culture. In the age of runaway social media and "sexting," raunchy rap songs on pop radio and hardcore pornography at the click of a mouse—what's it like to be a woman? A girl? A teenage boy? Their parents? In their feature documentary debut, directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus follow a trio of characters to reveal the toll all this titillation is taking on America.

Make the most of your last day at TFF 2012. We sure will! And then, we hope to see you next year...


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