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Screening One Day Only at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival!

As you buy your tickets for the final day of TFF 2012, we encourage you to check out four very special world premiere films sure to engage and delight you.

From a chorus with Oscar potential to a New York theater institution to a young girl obsessed with global warming to the incomparable Joe Papp, see these films first before the rest of the world! Our special Sunday-only films embody the spirit of originality and diversity that we hold so dear at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Join the minds behind the Once Upon a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Story, including chorus teacher Gregg Breinberg, after the screening as they discuss their journey to the Oscars and the important role that media arts plays in young people's development. Love and Politics is a touching documentary that goes behind the curtain into the life of Judith Malina, one of the co-founders of The Living Theater and New York acting legend.  Director Jenny Deller, Lili TaylorAmy Madigan, Perla Haney-Jardine and others will be in attendance at Future Weather, a film about a driven young woman determined to make a difference in the scientific community and avoid the pratfalls of her mother and grandmother. In Joe Papp in Five Actsget to know legendary theatrical producer and director in an entirely different light. 

Find some time on the last day at TFF to catch these great movies. We hope that these films' engaging subject matter will inspire conversation long after you leave the theater.

Once in a Lullaby

Once Upon a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Story
3:00 pm: SVA Theater
Rush Tickets Only

The PS22 chorus from Staten Island became world famous after their YouTube videos went viral. This feel-good documentary follows them to their big performance as the closing act at the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony, where creative differences, lost voices, and homesickness threaten their performance.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with director Jonathan Kalafer, PS22 chorus teacher Gregg Breinberg, Executive Director of the Office of the Arts and Special Projects at the New York City Department of Education Paul King, and more on how new media arts in the classroom can breathe new life into students' curricula, capture their attention, and spark eagerness to learn. Moderated by Tribeca Film Institute Education Program Developer Caitlin Meissner.

Love and Politics

Love and Politics
4:00 pm: AMC Village VII
Tickets still available

Judith Malina founded The Living Theater in 1947 together with her first husband Julian Beck. When Julian died in 1985 Judith married their mutual friend and lover Hanon Reznikov. With Hanon's unexpected death in 2008, Judith was left to continue The Living Theater on her own. On the verge of her 85th birthday, she begins rehearsals on her new play with her Living Theater cast, but deteriorating health and a slew of financial problems are obstacles to her realizing her dream of a beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution.

Future Weather

Future Weather
5:00 pm: SVA Theater
Co-Hosted by Tribeca Film Institute
Rush tickets only

Abandoned by her dreamer single mom, a teenage loner becomes obsessed with ecological disaster, forcing her and her grandmother, a functioning alcoholic, to rethink their futures. Inspired by a New Yorker article on global warming, Future Weather uses the refuge of science and the environment as a backdrop to examine the intertwining lives of three generations of women. Starring Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan, and Perla Haney-Jardine, this film received support from the Tribeca Film Institute's TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

After the Movie: Stay for a conversation with writer/director Jenny Deller, producer Kristin Fairweather, actresses Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan, and Perla Haney-Jardine, and more on how an article about a scientific and environmental issue planted the seed for an intimate fiction film, and inspired an environmentally sensitive production. Moderated by filmmaker Marshall Curry.

Joe Papp in Five Acts

Joe Papp in Five Acts
5:30 pm: AMC Village VII
Co-Hosted by Woman Make Movies
Rush tickets only

In Joe Papp's eyes, art is for everyone, not just a privileged few. Perhaps best known for giving a voice to future Broadway successes like Galt MacDermot (Hair) and Michael Bennett (A Chorus Line), Joe began as a radical. An active communist who concealed his Jewish heritage for most of his life, Joe's private world was just as theatrical as his public one. In 1956, it was Joe who declared that theater should be a free enterprise, "like the library," and put on his first Shakespeare production of Taming of the Shrew in Central Park to a packed audience of every ethnic and socioeconomic background in the city.

Co-produced with American Masters and featuring Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Kevin Kline, James Earl Jones, and more, Joe Papp in Five Acts reveals Joe's greatest accomplishments and tumultuous personal history according to the artists he helped create—and sometimes tried to destroy.

See you Sunday!


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