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Welcome to The Picture Show

Tribeca Enterprises and Maker Studios have come together to create a new YouTube Channel entitled The Picture Show, where filmmakers and stories collide.

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with Maker Studios, one of the leading online studio and distribution networks. With over 750 million monthly views, they are the perfect partner for Tribeca Enterprises to join with in launching The Picture Show, the new YouTube Channel that will provide a home for both web series and short films. The programming will spring from the collaborative work of exceptional filmmakers and artists from both Tribeca and Maker Studios, with the common goal of providing a site where the talent of tomorrow can be discovered and well-known artists can display their work.

“The Picture Show is an exciting opportunity to incubate new stories, talent and audiences,” announced Jane Rosenthal, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises. “Working with Maker, who is one of the pioneers in the confluence of entertainment and technology, we intend to help artists reach a wider audience.”

As Tribeca continues to expand across platforms, we are excited to partner with Maker Studios to create this online community where established and emerging artists have the opportunity to come together in a creative environment and thrive.

“We have tremendous respect for Tribeca’s commitment to talent and their excitement for new platforms.  This partnership allows us to take the best of traditional film and television along with new age media to create new opportunities on YouTube for content creators,” said Lisa Donovan, co-founder, Maker Studios. “The Picture Show will act as an online community where directors, writers and actors from different platforms can creatively collaborate."

Stay tuned to for more updates as The Picture Show gets underway.

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