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Tony N' Tina's Wedding

The wedding day -- the happiest day of any young couple's life. But there is so much to plan for. Gown? Check. Rings? Check. Neurotic, overbearing mother of the bride who hates the groom's family? Check. On a beautiful spring day, Tony Nunzio and Tina Vitale are joined together in holy matrimony on Long Island. At the lavish reception, Tony and Tina bask in the afterglow as the guests feast in celebration. Everything seems great. But add a little vino to the mix and all that celebrating turns into pure dysfunctional family chaos.
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Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are two of many who attest to Seeger's importance in this compelling documentary that is more than a simple biography. Using new interviews, archival footage and home movies, Brown presents a social history through the life of one of this country's most compelling forces for change and, arguably, the most significant folk artist of our time.
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During the 1937-1938 Japanese occupation of Nanking, an estimated 200,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 raped. But an unlikely partnership of Nazi businessmen and American missionaries saved 250,000 lives. Using letters, diaries and interviews with survivors and Japanese soldiers, Nanking exposes a still-controversial episode of WWII.
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Half Moon

Graying but determined, Mamo is a famed Kurdish musician who obtains permission to cross the Iranian border to give his first concert in Iraqi Kurdistan. But the journey poses endless challenges, especially when he tries to bring a female singer from Iran, where performances by women have been silenced since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
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A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and The Warhol Factory

Esther Robinson's engrossing, dream-like portrait of her uncle Danny Williams -- Warhol's onetime lover, collaborator and filmmaker in his own right -- offers an engaging exploration of the Factory era, an homage to Williams' talent, a journey of family discovery and a compelling inquiry into Williams' mysterious disappearance at age 27.
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Whether it's jumping out of a helicopter hovering above the powdery slopes of Alaska's mountain ranges or trying to outrun an avalanche in the French Alps, Steep traces the legacy of extreme skiing from its early pioneers to the death-defying daredevils of today.
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Day Zero

It's nighttime in America--the draft has been reinstated. Our conflicting attitudes toward war are examined through the eyes of Aaron (Elijah Wood), George (Chris Klein), and Dixon (Jon Bernthal) as each prepares to report for duty and learns, individually, what it means to 'serve with honor.'
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The Killing of John Lennon

A riveting, disturbing glimpse into the mind of John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, during the days leading up to his deadly confrontation with the rock star outside the Dakota. Lines lifted verbatim from Chapman's own journal give actor Jonas Ball's unforgettable performance an eerie, chilling precision.
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The Grand

Woody Harrelson goes all-in to save his dead grandfather's hotel-casino from a real estate developer in this hilarious mockumentary. His master plan: to win the world's most famous high stakes tournament, the Grand Championship of Poker. Anteing up the laughs are Werner Herzog, Cheryl Hines, David Cross, Ray Romano and Dennis Farina.
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Taxi to the Dark Side

This documentary murder mystery examines the death of an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base from injuries inflicted by U.S. soldiers. In an unflinching look at the Bush administration's policy on torture, the filmmaker behind Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room takes us from a village in Afghanistan to Guantanamo and straight to the White House.
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