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Lee Hirsch Thanks Tribeca for Launching Bully

As Bully releases in theaters today, the director thanks Tribeca for selecting the film for TFF 2011 and explains how you can take a stand. Thanks to national support, it's now a movement. Parents, take your kids this weekend.

It’s been a year since we first showed our movie at Tribeca, when it was called The Bully Project. [Read Lee's first interview about the film, published on] Since then, The Weinstein Company picked up the movie, we’ve renamed it  Bully, and we’ve become a part of an incredible movement.

Bully made news when the MPAA decided to give the film an “R” rating. After an online petition—which was started by a high school student named Katy Butler and includes more than 500,000 signatures to date—Bully is being released today (March 30, 2012) without a rating, and AMC Theaters are allowing kids under 17 into the theater if they bring a signed permission slip. (The CEO of AMC Theaters even signed the petition.)

The past year has really been a whirlwind, and looking back, we’re so thankful for our wonderful launch at Tribeca. As Bully opens nationwide this weekend, we hope you will help us keep the momentum going and see it in theaters.


This year, 13 million American kids will be bullied. 3 million students will be absent because they feel unsafe at school. How can you help?

1. Go see Bully. If you live in New York or LA, it opens this weekend. It will open in more cities in the weeks to come. Click here to buy tickets. Fandango really supports the movie.

2. If it's not playing in a city near you, demand it.

3. Join the Movement.

4. Donate your profile.

5. Use our Toolkit to tell your friends about Bully.

6. Like Bully on Facebook and follow @BullyMovie on Twitter.

7. Read more about Bully.

8. Watch the trailer:



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