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Earth Made of Glass (TFF 2010) Wins A Peabody

The 18th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide is April 7. Join two-time TFF director Deborah Scranton and her team in their effort to raise awareness and stop genocide deniers.

The truth will pass through the fire, and will not burn.
~ Rwandan Proverb

It's been two years since we premiered our movie Earth Made of Glass at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. Our film was one of four selected for their Youth Screening Series. You can even read one of Tribeca Film Fellow reports here

Since then, HBO picked up the film, where it is still available for viewing on HBOGO until May 31, 2012. We are proud that the film went on to be nominated as 2010 Best Documentary by the Producer's Guild of America and won a Peabody Award on April 4, 2012. 

The award comes at a poignant time for us, since the 18th anniversary of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide is April 7. We are grateful that the prestigious award of a Peabody will help raise awareness of the truth of what happened. We're so thankful for our incredible launch at the Tribeca Film Festival, which President Paul Kagame was able to attend. Tribeca had the courage to take on our film, which challenges many common misconceptions about the Rwandan Genocide. 

President Kagame insisted on seeing EARTH MADE OF GLASS with the TFF audience upon his first viewing. When asked during the Q & A how he felt about the film, President Kagame said, "Earth Made of Glass was the first true film made about the Rwandan Genocide."

On the anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, please help raise awareness about what happened in Rwanda and help STOP genocide deniers. EARTH MADE OF GLASS's mission is to inform the world about the Rwandan genocide and inspire a global sense of responsibility to prevent human rights atrocities.

How can you help?

Join our Facebook page for updates.

Buy the DVD (now available!) and host a screening.

Request a screening with a Q + A or Master Class with director Deborah Scranton.

Listen to other Rwandan Genocide Survivors Stories.

Director Deborah Scranton is a two-time alumni filmmaker with two premieres at Tribeca Film Festival. Her directorial debut The War Tapes won (2006) Best World Documentary at TFF and went on to be shortlisted for a Best Documentary Academy Award in 2007. 


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