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Tribeca Chats: Golden (Rogue) Globes

When Tribeca blog-chatted the Globes Sunday night, they found Brits, couples, comedy, and facial hair. Oh, and Rumer Willis.

When Tribeca friends and family blog-chatted the Golden Globes this Sunday, they found a British invasion, unlikely couples, off-the-cuff comedy, and ubiquitous facial hair. Oh, and Rumer Willis.

Waltz with BashirBritish Invasion

Kate Winslet wins Best Supporting Actress for The Reader

AaronOOF: This means that she definitely won't win Best Actress
AaronOOF: Which also means that it is more likely that Anne Hathaway is a shoe-in for Best Actress
UncleJesse: The Reader was spectacular
AaronOOF: “So excuse me while I pull out this speech I wrote for when I wouldn’t win…”
Bella2: Kate is nervous
DoubleKnitDynomite: The camera can't keep up with her magnanimous thanks
AaronOOF: I am jealous of Sam Mendes. I'll admit it
DoubleKnitDynomite: I wonder if we can all call her Mummy


Tom Wilkinson wins Best Supporting Actor for John Adams

AaronOOF: Tom Wilkinson was very good as Ben Franklin
AaronOOF: John Adams will win everything it's up for
DoubleKnitDynomite: Alec Baldwin is going to move to Canada over this one
Crystal: Ew... That woman just asked Tina Fey to borrow her lip-gloss
UncleJesse: Also, Alec Baldwin is wearing blush - no doubt about it
Bella2: Brits 2, Yanks 0


Sally Hawkins wins Best Actress in a Movie: Comedy or Musical for Happy-Go-Lucky

Bella2: Brits 3
DoubleKnitDynomite: Way to stick the winner in the back of the room. 20 minutes later she's on stage
Chafe: Also, she should eat something
CrackMC: She’s crying and breathless
Crystal: Was she this character in the movie?
CrackMC: No, she was happier
DoubleKnitDynomite: Give her a second to catch her breath after walking that mile to the stage
Bella2: She never thought she was going to win
AaronOOF: She def didn’t think so
ManWithPowers: Don't get me started
DoubleKnitDynomite: Meryl Streep can't stop stalking me


Simon Beaufoy wins Best Screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire

Crystal: What's happening south of his jacket cuffs
CrackMC: Shirt is too long?
UncleJesse: Cuffy McLongsleeves!
CrackMC: Or is he wearing a dickey and fake cuffs?


Kate Winslet wins AGAIN for Best Actress for Revolutionary Road

MrsGrieves: YAY KATE!
AaronOOF: I'm actually shocked. The HFPA never does that
Smurfette: Here we come, Oscars!
AaronOOF: That's by far the biggest shock of the evening
CrackMC: Meryl was up for two and won neither
MrsGrieves: Kate, I love you but don't cry
UncleJesse: Pull yourself together
AaronOOF: She's now by far the Oscar frontrunner


Slumdog Millionaire wins Best Picture: Drama

CrackMC: The kid from Slumdog = Indian Michael Phelps. Am I wrong?
MrsGrieves: Ha, no way, he doesn’t have the ab muscles
CrackMC: Sorry, it's the toothy grin
UncleJesse: I'm with you on Slumboy = Phelps



Waltz with BashirUnlikely Couples

Mickey Rourke and Bruce Springsteen

AaronOOF: Bruce Springsteen is going to win Best Song for "The Wrestler" ... I'm just saying...
CrackMC: Oh, Mickey, you're so fine
DoubleKnitDynomite: Mickey looks like he's in disguise
UncleJesse: Do you know Bruce gave The Wrestler this song for free? Allegedly...
Crystal: He did give it for free
Bella2: Mickey and Bruce are friends
Crystal: Apparently they are brothers
UncleJesse: Is that a sequined scarf?
CrackMC: So Mickey is going to win an Oscar, maybe
UncleJesse: I believe Mickey is currently wearing every type fabric we have available to us


Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange

UncleJesse: Drew Barrymore's hair appears to be allergic to itself
Crystal: Why are Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange holding hands?
UncleJesse: They are holding hands in the name of film promotion
Bella2: Jessica and Drew look the same age
FreshP: They clearly had the same hairstylist
DoubleKnitDynomite: They're going to start making out


Blake Lively and Rainn Wilson

CrackMC: BLAKE LIVELY comes out after Kate?
AaronOOF: Wow ... Serena and Dwight! There's a combo
AaronOOF: Dwight should become a lost Bass brother


Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson

UncleJesse: I'm going to say it—I enjoyed In Bruges. I was drunkish and trying to impress a guy when I saw it—but I do believe I actually liked it
CrackMC: LOVED! Colin and Brendan are my favorite onscreen couple of the year
AaronOOF: I'm confused... Were you trying to impress a guy by pretending to like it? Or were you trying to impress the guy by being drunkish?
UncleJesse: Little of both...
AaronOOF: So I still actually need to see In Bruges, sober, and not on a date with Uncle Jesse's boyfriend
DoubleKnitDynomite: Colin Farrell looks like Joe Isuzu
Crystal: He does look like Isuzu!
SnowPants: He's my movie boyfriend
CrackMC: Wax lyrical, Colin!



Waltz with BashirOff-the-Cuff Comedy (intentional or not)

Alec Baldwin wins Best Actor: TV Comedy for 30 Rock

SnowPants: “Never follow a hippie to a 2nd location!”
CrackMC: “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?”
UncleJesse: Somewhere Billy Baldwin just started crying...again
CrackMC: I went to college with Tina Fey. Yahoo Wahoos!


Jennifer Lopez presents the first award of the night

Bella2: JLo just said, “Momma talking”
Crystal: She sure did


Ricky Gervais

UncleJesse: Now Ricky Gervais will insult America and it will be the best part of the show
ManWithPowers: He's got a beer in his hand!
UncleJesse: He's down a few pounds...
Crystal: Fantastic that he's got his drink
Bella2: I freaking love him
CrackMC: He's cheeky


Tom Brokaw talks about Frost/Nixon

AaronOOF: WOW! Tom Brokaw S-L-U-M-M-I-N-G!
AaronOOF: “I covered Watergate, and I wondered, Will Opie/Richie Cunningham dramatize this one day?”
UncleJesse: I can't look at Michael Sheen w/o thinking Tony Blair...


Seth Rogen

Smurfette: Look at the slim Seth!
UncleJesse: I knew I was attracted to him...
AaronOOF: Holy crap... has Seth lost like all the weight I need to lose?
Crystal: To play a superhero—weight loss city for Seth
UncleJesse: He. Looks. Hot.
ManWithPowers: Wow, cocaine jokes? We are in a recession, people...
Bella2: Slightly inappropriate



Waltz with BashirUbiquitous Facial Hair

SnowPants: I like facial hair, but everyone is trying to have some tonight
UncleJesse: Perhaps there's some link between facial hair and recession....anyone??
FreshP: Too expensive to buy new razors?
Bella2: Men can't afford to shave
SnowPants: Anti-recession-hairline?
CrackMC: Facial hair is free!
Uncle Jesse: All excellent options—thank you
DoubleKnitDynomite: Good hair on Simon Baker—not facial, though.
UncleJesse: Even Brad Pitt has facial hair
ManWithPowers: Dude, sweet ‘burns on Paul Giamatti
UncleJesse: I'm only rooting for facial hair at this point
AaronOOF: Seriously ... it's the year of the goatee isn't it?
ManWithPowers: It's the year of facial hair in general
AaronOOF: The Jonas Brother all the way to the left needs some eyebrow threading
DoubleKnitDynomite: Jake Gyllenhaal has Muppet eyebrows too
Smurfette: Johnny Depp can wear any facial hair he wants
UncleJesse: It is easier to count non-beards than beards



Waltz with BashirRumer Willis (as Miss Golden Globes)

Crystal: How do we feel about Rumer being Miss Golden Globes? And walking the carpet?
UncleJesse: I feel confused
AaronOOF: Rumer is too famous for this gig
Crystal: I thought you had to be un-famous
AaronOOF: I thought the Miss GG was supposed to be a fresh face, not yet working
UncleJesse: Agreed—but she's channeling Pat Field with that Kool-aid hair
DoubleKnitDynomite: Papa Ashton might be punking her
DoubleKnitDynomite: Does Rumer get to talk?
Bella2: No, she just hands awards over
DoubleKnitDynomite: Rumer is really showing some range


Bella2: Oh, this is where we meet Rumer
DoubleKnitDynomite: Rumer gets to nod!
AaronOOF: Why not also say, "Stepdaughter of Ashton Kutcher"
DoubleKnitDynomite: Ashton is ready to reveal the punk
Chafe: Demi looks younger than Rumer


DoubleKnitDynomite: I'm checking Rumer's credits to see what uniquely qualifies for her role in tonight's show.
AaronOOF: What do you mean? If anything, she has too many credits
UncleJesse: I think there's a height requirement too
DoubleKnitDynomite: Maybe her one-episode stint on CSI as "Mackendra Taylor"?
AaronOOF: The only qualification is 2nd generation actress who looks good in a dress
DoubleKnitDynomite: Because I don't think "Smoking Girl" in Whore alone would have done it
AaronOOF: Rumer was in a movie the Tribeca Film Festival showed this past year
DoubleKnitDynomite: Oh wait—got it. It was "Girl running between Jimmy and Oz" from The Whole Nine Yards
UncleJesse: I THOUGHT she looked familiar...


DoubleKnitDynomite: Did Demi have more work done? She looks amazing.
Smurfette: She corrected Rumer! Love it
Crystal: Demi looks younger then Rumer
FreshP: Whatever she's having (Ashton) I want some too
DoubleKnitDynomite: I bet she had Rumer just to have on hand as an organ farm
AaronOOF: Ashton will soon look older than she does


UncleJesse: Did Rumer leave?


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