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2009 Tribeca Film Festival Submissions FAQ





  1. How do I submit my work to the 8th Tribeca Film Festival (TFF ‘09)?


You may submit your film online at Please review the Rules and Regulations carefully prior to completing the online entry form.

  1. Can you mail or fax me a submissions form?


No. We are only accepting online applications.




  1. What are the submissions deadlines and fees for the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival?

Early Entry Deadline is November 14, 2008. This is a postmark date for both feature and short films. The EARLY Deadline fee for Short films is US $25 and for Features is US$45.


Official Entry Deadline is December 15, 2008. This is a postmark date for ALL feature length and short films completed in 2008. The OFFICIAL Deadline fee for Short films is US$40 and for Features is US$65.


Late Deadline 2008 is January 12, 2009 (arrive by) –Feature Work-In-Progress and Films completed after official deadline (Feature WIPs Only). The Late Deadline is only for feature length works-in-progress films to be completed in 2009. These films though must be completed by March 2009.  The LATE Deadline fee is for Feature WIPs is US$95


Please note:

The EARLY and OFFICIAL entry deadlines are both postmark dates. This means that your submissions must be mailed in (not necessarily received) by the applicable date.


The LATE deadline is an arrive by date. Your film must arrive in our offices by this date. ONLY feature length films that are works-in-progress will be considered for the LATE deadline.

  1. Will you accept wire or bank transfers for submission fee payments?

No. We only accept payment by credit card American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. Please do not send cash, check s or money orders.

  1. What if my submission arrives after the deadline for which I have registered?


Your film MUST be postmarked or MUST arrive in our office no later than the applicable deadline for which you have registered! That is, if you have submitted your short film for the Early Deadline and have paid $25, but your submission is post-marked for after November 14, you will be prompted to make an additional payment of $15 to bring your account up to date. We will not consider your film until this payment is received.

  1. Does it make a difference to which deadline I submit?


No. All submissions are processed in the same manner. The only difference is the higher submissions fees. We encourage you to submit the most complete version of your film as early as possible!

  1. Can I submit my short film for the Late Deadline?


No. We will not accept short film submissions after December 15th, 2008 postmark.




  1. Can I submit a work-in-progress film for either the Early or Official deadline?


Yes. You may send a work-in-progress film for the Early or Official deadline, but we recommend submitting the most finished version of your film.




  1. I submitted last year. Can I resubmit my film for this year’s festival?


You may resubmit if you have made significant changes to your film and meet the other eligibility requirements as outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

  1. What is your preferred format for submission?


Films should be submitted on DVD, and we prefer that they be sent in a simple paper CD/DVD sleeve to minimize waste.  DVDs MUST be compatible with standard consumer DVD players. Please ensure that your disc plays in a standard DVD player prior to sending to the Festival.


Do not use paper labels when labeling DVDs.  Adhesive stickers and paper may make a disc unplayable. Sharpies are a great way to label DVDs!

  1. Can my submission DVD be in PAL format?


It is highly preferred that you send us an NTSC formatted DVD, but we will accept ALL REGION DVD submissions.  Clearly mark the format on the DVD.

  1. What should I include with my submission?


After you have completed the online submissions form, all we need is 2 DVD copies of your film, a copy of the completed entry form, your payment receipt if you have paid by credit card, or a copy of your student identification if you have submitted as a student.   Press materials are accepted but not required. To minimize, please limit the number of copies submitted and refrain from elaborate packaging.

  1. What happens if you are unable to get my film to work?


If your DVD does not play, we will contact you to request another copy. However, there is no guarantee that we will get your replacement disc in time and we must give preference to those who originally sent in a working copy. For this reason, we ask that you make absolutely sure that your disc plays all the way through before it is submitted!

  1. Can someone tell me if my entry has arrived?


If you would like to be notified of the receipt of your submission, please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your entry. We will send the envelope back when your submission has been processed. You can also email

  1. Will my materials be returned to me?


No. Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we are not able to return any materials.

  1. How do I send in updates concerning my film’s screening history?


Please email with any festival or screening updates.




  1. How do you distinguish short films from feature films?


Short films are works under 40 minutes and feature films are works 40 minutes and over.

  1. Can I choose the program I want to submit to?


No. If your film is selected to screen at the Festival, TFF programmers will determine which program best suits your film

  1. Do I have to obtain rights clearance for the music in my film?


Yes, please review the Rules and Regulations carefully.

  1. My film has aired on television. Is it still eligible for consideration?


If your film has been publicly broadcast via TV, internet or otherwise, it is not eligible for consideration. The Festival reserves the right to waive this rule in limited circumstances.


However, short films may be shown prior to the 2009 Festival on a non-commercial website only, for a limited amount of time (i.e., part of an online-only film festival.)




  1. When and how will I find out the status of my submission?


We notify ALL filmmakers in early March via email.  If you have not received any notification by April 2009, please email

  1. If my film isn’t chosen to screen during your Festival, will you let me know why?


No. Due to the large volume of submissions, our programmers can not offer individual critiques. 




  1. When does the Tribeca Film Festival take place?


The 8th Tribeca Film Festival will take place April 22 - May 3, 2009.


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