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Julian Kemp on My Last Five Girlfriends

Not your generic chick flick, this romantic comedy is told from the male perspective, capable of wooing male and female audiences alike. Now available on DVD, iTunes and Netflix Instant!

Note: This interview originally ran as part of the Tribeca Film launch. My Last Five Girlfriends is now available on DVD, on iTunes and on Netflix Instant!


My Last Five Girlfriends is a fresh twist on the romantic comedy, reviewing a series of failed relationships from the man's perspective. One part John Cusack in High Fidelity and one part Jane Austen comedy of manners, the breezy British import first made a splash at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. And now, after a successful theatrical run in the UK, Tribeca Film has made it available to U.S. audiences On Demand via cable providers and online platforms. Watch it tonight!


We recently caught up with director Julian Kemp via email. Enjoy!


Faces of Tribeca Film: Julian Kemp

Tribeca: Tell us a little about My Last Five Girlfriends.


Julian Kemp: My Last Five Girlfriends is a romantic comedy based on Alain De Botton's novel On Love. It tells the story of a young man's attempts to discover what went wrong with his five previous relationships.


Tribeca: What inspired you to tell this story?


Julian Kemp: I was inspired by Alain's unconventional book, which used many unusual literary devices to investigate the romantic struggle. I felt that there was an opportunity to find equivalent cinematic devices to do the same job. It also felt quite refreshing to approach this kind of movie from the male perspective.


Tribeca: What do you want audiences to take away from the story?


Julian Kemp: I want audiences to consider the disparity between the "love myth" peddled by most romantic comedies and the everyday reality of our romantic lives.



Tribeca: What's the craziest thing (or "lightning strikes" moment) that happened while making the film?


Julian Kemp: I persuaded the lead actor Brendan Patricks to stay in bed for 24 hours while being filmed on a time-lapse camera. We left him on his own, then rescued him a day later.


Tribeca: What’s the biggest thing you learned while making My Last Five Girlfriends? Was it a departure for you?


Julian Kemp: I learnt that low-budget films don't have to be set in constrained locations (like one room). With a small agile crew, you can get great production value by moving around a lot. We shot in London, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Paris, Majorca, and New York.


Tribeca: What's your advice for aspiring filmmakers?


Julian Kemp: Trust your instincts. So many things on a set can distract you from you original intentions. You must somehow be affably tunnel-visioned.


Tribeca: What are your hopes for the film On Demand in the US?


Julian Kemp: I think it is a great opportunity for people to easily see a diverse selection of movies that they may not be able to catch theatrically at their local cinema. My hope is that VOD becomes the new outlet for independent film.



Tribeca: If you could have dinner with any filmmaker (alive or dead), who would it be?


Julian Kemp: I would have dinner with Preston Sturges, my all time favourite. Apart from being a phenomenal filmmaker, by all accounts he was quite a bon vivant.


Tribeca: What piece of art (book/film/music/tv show/what-have-you) are you currently recommending to your friends most often?


Julian Kemp: I recommend The Total Filmmaker by Jerry Lewis. The most egotistical book ever written about directing.


Tribeca: What would your biopic be called?


Julian Kemp: "Point and Nod—How to look like a Director."


Tribeca: What makes My Last Five Girlfriends a must-see?


Julian Kemp: It's a must see because it is the only rom-com around with talking elephants, Barbie reconstructions, and a nine-foot high shoe.


See My Last Five Girlfriends on DVD, on iTunes and on Netflix Instant!

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