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Reflections from the Quick Stop: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old on Cable VOD from Tribeca Film

Two iconic Jerseyites—Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes—take on the United Kindgom in a special edition of “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.” Now available on cable VOD!

Dubbed “Tea Bagging in the U.K.,” the inaugural tour of England for famed director/actor Kevin Smith and actor/pal Jason Mewes begins this year. Better known stateside as their characters “Jay and Silent Bob,” the duo performed on stage to the delight of sold-out crowds in three major U.K. cities: London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The idea for the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old stage show sprang from the team’s very successful podcast series on the SModcast network. The two Jersey Boys’ 20-year friendship naturally gives rise to their freewheeling signature shows that include hilarious tales from their shared youth—when they were attempting to mature and discovering girls, sex, drugs and comic books.

Always incredibly candid and forthcoming with their audience, the two men hold nothing back, unabashedly sharing their opinions about Hollywood, politics and their personal lives, much to the delight of loyal and dedicated audiences who have been with them since the days of Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma.

Given the success of their U.S. tour, it was only natural for Jay and Silent Bob Get Old to go abroad! No need to follow them to England, however. You can see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old on cable VOD from Tribeca Film starting today.

In addition to releasing the film on digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon, our friends at Industrial Entertainment will also be releasing a two-disc set of the U.K. edition of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. Available for purchase beginning August 14, the DVD release will include four hours of highlights from the tour that spanned the three major U.K. cities.

A must see for any Jay and Silent Bob fan, you can access the concert film on cable VOD exclusively from Tribeca Film faster than you can say, “Snoochie Boochies!”


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