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Tribeca Plans Early 2013 Release for “Resolution,” A TFF 2012 Breakout Hit

The buzz surrounding “Resolution,” Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s genre-defying, tour-de-force debut feature, is almost deafening. The TFF 2012 spooker will receive a 2013 North American release from Tribeca Film.

Tribeca Film is proud to announce its acquisition of the North American distribution rights for Resolution from XYZ Films. Captivating audiences and critics alike at both the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival earlier this year, Resolution offers a unique and ambitious cinematic fusion of genres that will delight even the most fervent of horror fans.

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, the rising directing duo behind the feature, create an enigmatic and unpredictable narrative that combines believable and appealing characters with enough raw thrills to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The film follows Michael (Peter Cilella) and Chris (Vinny Curran), two best friends who have reached a breaking point in their relationship due to Chris’s extreme drug use. Desperate to help his friend, Michael handcuffs Chris inside an isolated cabin and refuses to let him out until he goes cold turkey. Though Michael’s extreme actions are an attempt to save Chris’s life, the consequences are inexplicably dire and riveting.

Twitch Film paid Moorhead and Benson the ultimate compliment by placing them “in the class of bright young voices in American horror to watch including Ti West, Jim Mickle and Adam Wingard.” The future indeed looks bright for the enterprising pair, who display a gift for exploring the motives and reactions of compelling characters within the context of an intricate and mysterious narrative. It is this combination of believable protagonists and an otherworldly tone that makes Resolution such an exhilarating experience.

Geoff Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Enterprises, is particularly enthusiastic about Tribeca Film’s latest acquisition: “Anchored by two extraordinary lead performances, Resolution is a truly singular work that avoids easy classification.” Gilmore describes the film’s creative team as “some of the industry’s brightest new talent.”

Moorhead and Benson likewise are excited about their collaboration with Tribeca Film. As they put it, “Tribeca Film’s acquisition via XYZ Films is proof that when outsiders band together to make something that scares people while breaking their hearts and making them laugh, that movie will find equally daring industry leaders to passionately support it.” The two added: “We’re grateful that audiences share that same excitement for a movie in which we chose to constantly do something different. It validates all the risks we took, so we'll definitely be pushing it that much further on our next projects.”

Resolution will be released by Tribeca both theatrically and on demand in early 2013 through a variety of video-on-demand offerings, including iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU and Xbox. Prior to its release, it will continue its strong showings at U.S. and international film festivals.

Get to know the dynamic duo of Moorhead and Benson better through their hilarious TFF 2012 Director's Bio video:

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