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Join The Global Citizen Movement This Weekend and Watch the Livestream with The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Neil Young and More!

Raise awareness and help end extreme poverty by tuning into the Global Citizen Festival on Livestream this weekend (9/29-30). Watch The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Neil Young with Crazy Horse and more from the comfort of your home.

As the world’s leaders gather in New York this month for the UN General Assembly, the Global Poverty Project is using this opportunity to educate the public and turn that knowledge into action. We encourage you to join the fight against global poverty—and help to build a movement that demands justice for the 1.3 billion people still living in extreme poverty.

In Central Park this Saturday (9/29), the organization is producing the largest syndicated charity concert in online and broadcast TV history. The Global Citizen Festival will feature performances by Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, K’Naan and more!

This concert will highlight and celebrate the progress made against extreme poverty, while bringing even more worldwide attention to the issue. Get inspired with your fellow global citizens and come together as one to urge world leaders to take action in ending this unnecessary injustice.

This international event will stream for FREE on Livestream during three exclusive screenings:

4:30 pm EDT, September 29

12:30 am EDT, September 30

8:30 am EDT, September 30

Find screening times in your time zone here.


How can you join the Global Citizen Movement?

Enjoy some great music, spread the word, and become a Global Citizen, helping to advance the movement to end extreme poverty.

Register as a Global Citizen.

Watch the Livestream. Urge others around the world to join the movement to end extreme poverty. Follow the @GlobalFestival and @GLBLCTZN handles for important announcements and live-tweets during the festival.

Raise your voice and urge our leaders and candidates to explain their plan to fight extreme poverty.

Spread the word. Use the #GlobalCitizen hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram to spread the message and get others involved.

Participate. Take part and pre-register in the Live Below The Line Challenge campaign, which changes the way people think about poverty, and use the hashtag #belowtheline.

Sign the petition to help end polio and protect every last child RIGHT NOW.

While all the free tickets to the actual concert have already been allocated, there are a limited number of VIP tickets still available.

Like Global Citizen and Global Citizen Festival on Facebook.

Follow @GlobalFestival and @GLBLCTZN on Twitter.


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