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Happy Trailers to You

The films are in the Film Guide, and everything sounds great, but how do you choose what to see? The trailers can provide amazing insight—check out some of the highlights so far!

At their best, trailers are mini-movies that give you just enough to whet your appetite. They can also give you enough of a taste of the film—tone, cast, palette—for you to give them a thumbs up (or not). For this reason, trailers can be a huge help as you start to determine your Festival wishlist.

Here at Tribeca headquarters, more trailers are arriving every day, and they can all be found right in the Film Guide. (Look for the Watch Trailer icon as you browse.) The latest videos can also always be found by clicking on the Videos tab at the top of any page on—the newest ones will show up automatically.

To give you an idea of the range of films in the Festival, we picked just a sampling. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!




Think your biological clock is ticking? It's nothing compared to the pressure on Oona (Emma Caulfield, TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in this alternative-reality look at modern dating from first-time director Jac Schaeffer.
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[TIMER] Discovery
Feature Narrative, 2009, 99 min

Directed by: Jac Schaeffer

 Transcendent Man
Is he a really smart guy way ahead of his time, or is he a nutcast? No matter what you decide, Ray Kurzweil is always entertaining as he explains his theories about the direction in which human evolution is heading.
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[TRANS] World Documentary Feature Competition
Feature Documentary, 2009, 95 min

Directed by: Barry Ptolemy

 Love the Beast

Love the Beast

You know Eric Bana from his acting work (in Hulk, Munich, Troy and more), and now he's found his way behind the camera. His directorial debut follows his own obsession with cars, and the film will debut as part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival.
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[LOVET] Encounters
Feature Documentary, 2008, 92 min

Directed by: Eric Bana

Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench

Damien Chazelle's debut film
—shot wholly in black-and-white 16mm—follows the ups and downs of two young lovers in Boston. The trailer gives you a strong sense of the director's ability to beautifully integrate music into his work. Enjoy!
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GUYAN] Discovery
Feature Narrative, 2009, 82 min

Directed by: Damien Chazelle


Con Artist

Con Artist

Back in the '80s, Mark Kostabi caused quite a stir in the already over-the-top New York art world. This hilarious documentary both reflects on Kostabi's "business artist" days and checks in with him today. 
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[CONAR] Discovery
Feature Documentary, 2009, 80 min

Directed by: Michael Sládek

Transcendent Man

All About Actresses

In this meta-mockumentary, Maïwenn takes an intimate, funny look at some of France's top actresses, including Charlotte Rampling, Karin Viard, Lihn-Dan Pham, and Julie Depardieu. Who's the diva now?
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[ACTRE] Showcase
Feature Narrative, 2008, 107 min

Directed by: Maïwenn

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