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Tribeca Film Festival 101: Tickets

Check out our exclusive ticketing tips! Whether it's online, on the phone, or at the box office, you'll have tickets for the hottest screenings. Get your wallets ready: single tickets start selling on April 14.

Tickets 101


We want you to catch the most exciting screenings and events at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival!

Here's our exclusive ticketing tips that will guarantee you the best experience.

In the next two weeks, single tickets go on sale for American Express® Cardmembers (April 14), downtown residents (April 19), and the general public (April 20). Tickets are $15.00 for general screenings (evenings and weekends), $8.00 for matinees, and $25.00 for Behind the Screens and Tribeca Talks events.

As you are planning your Festival, save the films to your calendar in My Tribeca. (Registration for My Tribeca is free and easy.)

Once you are able to purchase tickets, you can choose to buy your tickets online, order them by phone, or purchase them at a Ticket Outlet location. For more information regarding all forms of ticketing, make sure that your first online stop takes you to our Tribeca Film Festival Tickets page. It's full of the latest information on where to go to buy tickets, prices and policies, and more!

Have more questions? Surf over to Tribeca Film Festival 411, a page that will have the answers.

Online tickets
are the quickest and easiest way to make sure you're catching the greatest in Festival films. While you're searching the Film Guide, you can use the BUY TICKETS links to begin filling your shopping cart. By clicking on BUY TICKETS, a second window will launch in your browser. This second window is the start of your session in the Online Ticketing System. You will need to choose your amount of tickets per performance in the Ticketing System window, though you may continue to fill your shopping cart through the online Film Guide.
* As soon as you put the first tickets in your shopping cart, the online ticketing session will begin to be timed. Please continue to watch your session countdown on the right hand side of the page and complete checkout before the timeout.

* All Screening and Panel events are General Admission. You may choose “Best Available” or “General Admission” when selecting your performance quantities.

* To view available performances in the Online Ticketing System, use the TICKETS button in the upper left-hand side of the page. To shop available Ticket Packages, use the DISCOUNT TICKET PACKAGES button. We encourage you to browse available events in the Film Guide for the most interactive, informative experience.

* Enter a valid promotional code in the space provided if you are eligible to redeem any current offer.

* You can view your selected items at any time by clicking on SHOPPING CART.

* Prior to checkout, you must log in to the Online Ticketing System. If you do not already have a login, you will be prompted to create a username and password. Note: If you are a current My Tribeca user, you must still create an Online Ticketing System account for additional security. If you purchased tickets to last year’s Festival, your username and password are still active in the system and may be used.

* You may only purchase 4 tickets per performance, per order.

* No refunds. No exchanges.

PLEASE NOTE: To guarantee admittance, you must be present at the screening venue 30 minutes prior to its scheduled screening time.

More Ticketing Tips to consider:

* Know Your Codes – All ticketed events are assigned a five-letter code (e.g. EXPLO for The Exploding Girl), which appears in parentheses with scheduled times. Have these codes ready for Box Office call center operators or Ticket Outlet agents to ensure fast and accurate ticket processing.

* Have Backup Choices – By mapping out alternative movie, panel, and time selections, you’re sure to have options in case your first selections aren’t available. Who knows? You may even like your alternate choice more than the original.

* Pick Up Your Tickets Early – Avoid the long lines at the theater Will Call desks by picking up your online or phone order tickets in advance at either Ticket Outlet location during regular business hours.

You Don’t Even Have To Pick Up Your Tickets! – With Print–At–Home Tickets, seeing the films you want is as easy as clicking a button. If you have access to a printer and a computer, you have the option of actually printing out your tickets at home! No lines, no will–call. Simply order your tickets online, print out the Print–At–Home sheet, arrive at your venue early, and scan the barcode on the print–out. You’ll be able to get into your screening without even having a hard ticket!

Arrive Early – Whether you are a pass holder or a ticket holder, you MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your event start time to guarantee admission.

Never Say "Sold Out" – Even if advance tickets are no longer available, don’t give up—just think RUSH TICKETS. We admit those standing in the RUSH TICKETS line approximately 15 minutes prior to a film or panel’s scheduled start time, until a theater is at capacity. Lines begin forming approximately 60 minutes before each screening, so be sure to arrive early.

* Tribeca 24/7 – Looking for information right now? The doors never close at Go there to learn, plan, and buy.

See you at the Festival!

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