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Watch TFF 2009 Shorts on YouTube

Stuck at work? Don't live in New York? That's no excuse! Thanks to the YouTube Screening Room, you can watch films from TFF 2009 right now at your desk!

Good news for out-of-towners and film fans stuck at work (boo!): four of this year's short films are available for FREE on YouTube! Featured in the YouTube Screening Room through May 8, the four shorts featured were selected from the 46 shorts currently screening at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.

Read below to learn about each of the films. We guarantee they will brighten up your dreary workday. (Hint: Check out the director and cast of Cutlass—the film has some serious starpower involved.)


2009 | 13 min | Short Narrative | France
North American Premiere
Director: Cécile Vernant
Screenwriter: Cécile Vernant
Primary Cast: Didier Menin, Marie-Anne Mestre, Océane Decaudain

Synopsis: A married couple. Time that flies. Fat and hair issues. Life choices. And dark thoughts....

will screen at TFF 2009 as part of the Shorts: Wake-up Call program. These shorts show life lessons learned, some the hard way.

Watch Wu on YouTube now!

Section 44

2008 | 5 min | Short Narrative | U.K.
Director: Daniel Wilson
Screenwriter: Daniel Wilson
Primary Cast: Damien Lyne, Barry Jackson, Philip Philmar, Cameron Leigh

Synopsis: Richard walks out of his house and his world is turned upside down as he is stopped in the street, handcuffed, hooded, and thrown in a van. Under the spotlight of the interrogation lamp, what will he give up to spare himself?

Section 44 will screen at TFF 2009 as part of the Shorts: Wake-up Call program. These shorts show life lessons learned, some the hard way.

Watch Section 44 on YouTube now!


2007 | 13 min | Short Narrative | USA
Director: Kate Hudson
Screenwriter: Kate Hudson
Primary Cast: Dakota Fanning, Virginia Madsen, Kurt Russell, Kristen Stewart, Chevy Chase, Sarah Roemer

Synopsis: When Robin's daughter, Lacy, begs her for an expensive guitar, Robin takes a trip down memory lane to discover why giving in to your kids-once in a while-can be priceless.

Cutlass will screen at TFF 2009 as part of the Shorts: Mixed Feelings program. In this group of shorts, dreams and desires are contemplated, and complicated.

Watch Cutlass on YouTube now!

The Confession

2008 | 4 min | Short Narrative | Ireland
Director: Thomas Hefferon
Screenwriter: Thomas Hefferon
Primary Cast: Donncha Crowley, Sean Flanagan, Stephen Morris

Synopsis: In 1970s Ireland, Johnny Smith, a seemingly innocent local boy, goes to church to confess his sins to the all-powerful town priest. With his friend standing by he nervously enters the confession box and begins a strange conversation with the priest, who seems more interested in gossiping about the nocturnal habits of the local women than granting him absolution from his sins. But everything is not as it seems.

The Confession will screen at TFF 2009 as part of the Shorts: Truth or Consequences program. These mature shorts concern growing up, getting off, and getting by.

Watch The Confession on YouTube now!

Want to see the shorts in person? Tickets are still available for the various shorts programs at TFF 2009. Get your tickets today!


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