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Gobble, Gobble: Happy Thanksgiving from Tribeca!

We've Tribeca-sourced our staff's favorite Turkey Day-themed movies, starting with pilgrimmatic wishes from Robert De Niro himself!

Happy Thanksgiving!


With a little help from the Tribeca staff, we've pulled together some must-see movies for your long weekend with the family. Please chime in with your own suggestions in the comments below!


First, we're kicking things off with an oldie-but-goodie. We figure not many of you remember this commercial, which aired during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2001, and stars one of fearless leaders. Gobble, gobble!



Next up, some movie suggestions:



Babes in Toyland

Dir. Gus Meins, Charley Rogers, 1934

For some reason, my family has always watched March of the Wooden Soldiers on Thanksgiving—aka, apparently, Babes in Toyland. Why? I have no clue. I think it's just one of those movies they play constantly on holiday weekends, and we just grew accustomed to it. It's pretty bizarre: black and white, from 1934, with Laurel and Hardy as toymakers, lots of nursery rhyme characters, and monsters in costumes with exposed zippers. There's also a lot of really tortured singing. The kind of movie that slowly punishes you until you start loving it. 


Watch the full movie on Hulu.




Dir. Peter Faiman, 1981

Written by John Hughes, this film is about a regular, salt of the earth construction worker (played by Ed O'Neill) who volunteers to drive his girlfriend's snobby 12-year-old son (played by a young Ethan Embry) from his boarding school in Georgia to Chicago to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with them. Reluctantly, the two set off on a road trip where they are constantly at odds, battling each other and outside forces, which ultimately culminates in their unlikely friendship. It's a really twisted, funny flick with a great heart, perfect for the holidays!




What's Cooking?

Dir. Gurinder Chahda, 2000

(Note: Stars Julianna Margulies, Mercedes Ruehl, and Joan Chen)

This story follows the up and downs of four families from different cultural backgrounds as they prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving (in their own very peculiar way). Love it!


Rent the full movie on YouTube.



Pieces of April

Dir. Peter Hedges, 2003

(Note: stars Katie Holmes, Oliver Platt and Patricia Clarkson)

My wife has always had a challenging relationship with her immediate family, and this film hit WAY too close to home. I’ve never seen her so shell-shocked after walking out of a movie. We bought the DVD when it came out, and every Thanksgiving there’s a fleeting moment when we talk about putting it on, but she has yet to be able to watch it since that first time. Still… there it sits, collecting dust on our shelf. One of these days…




Home for the Holidays

Dir. Jodie Foster, 1995

(Note: starring Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., and Anne Bancroft)

Often overlooked. I think it didn’t do so well? A great little flick about all the drama that comes with going home.




Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Dir. John Hughes, 1987

This mostly silly road movie is a hysterical showcase for the two lead actors, Steve Martin and John Candy. Then just when you think that it can’t get any sillier, the movie turns around and punches you in the stomach with the third act reveal of John Candy's crushing loneliness.




The Shining

Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1980

(Note: This trailer is awesome as only a 1980 trailer from Stanley Kubrick could be.)

This isn't actually holiday-related, but I always watch The Shining after the big first snow fall.


Rent the full movie on YouTube.



Don't forget: Suggest your own Thanksgiving classics in the comments below!


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