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Chance Encounters & Twists of Fate: Tribeca Film On Demand

Characters collide and unite in the new slate of films from Tribeca Film, available on demand October 28.

This month On Demand via Tribeca Film: Janie Jones, The Last Rites of Joe May, Romantics Anonymous, and The Man on the Train.



Tribeca Film, in partnership with American Express, brings you the best of independent film wherever you are. Now available in over 40 million homes.



Four new films will become available On Demand starting October 28...



Janie Jones
Dir. David M. Rosenthal


Rocker Ethan Brand (Alessandro Nivola) and his band are on the comeback trail when a former flame (Academy Award® nominee Elisabeth Shue) drops a bomb in his lap: their 13-year-old daughter, Janie Jones (Academy Award® nominee Abigail Breslin). Nivola and Breslin naturally embrace their musical characters—both actually sing and perform in the film—while developing Ethan and Janie's relationship in a refined way to delicately express the emotional needs of the characters. Writer/director David M. Rosenthal, who was inspired by his own experiences, blends the musical setting with road trip movie elements that add subtle layers to the dynamic of his two main characters.


Janie Jones  also opens theatrically on Friday, October 28, in New York and Seattle, with more cities to follow. 


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The Last Rites of Joe May
Dir. Joe Maggio

Dennis Farina gives a tour de force performance in this homage to early-1970s "tough guy" films. Sixty-something Chicagoan Joe May—a short-money hustler of Rolex knockoffs and bootleg DVDs—returns home from a hospital stay to find out that his apartment has been rented to single mother Jenny (Jamie Anne Allman) and her young daughter Angelina (Meredith Droeger) because everyone thought he was dead. Begrudgingly, Joe accepts Jenny's offer to share the apartment. Joe plots his comeback scheme, but instead a domino effect occurs with everything going against him.


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Romantics Anonymous
Dir. Jean-Pierre Ameris


Romantics Anonymous tells the story of Angélique (Isabelle Carré), a gifted chocolate-maker whose uncontrollable shyness prevents her from acknowledging her talents.  Struggling chocolatier Jean-René (Benoît Poelvoorde), who also suffers from a similar case of awkward bashfulness that threatens to drown his company, hires Angelique as his new sales associate. Realizing she’s attracted to her boss, Angelique decides to anonymously develop a new line of chocolates to save the company. With the future of the business hanging in the balance, Angelique and Jean-Rene must overcome their limitations and confess their sweet affections for one another in this delectable comedy.


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The Man on the Train
Dir. Mary McGuckian



The English-language remake of Patrice Leconte's award-winning French film of the same name, The Man on the Train stars Donald Sutherland and musician Larry Mullen, Jr. in his acting debut. A mysterious criminal (Larry Mullen, Jr.) rolls into a small town planning to knock off the local bank, assuming it will go off without a hitch. But when he encounters a retired poetry professor (Donald Sutherland), his plans take an unlikely turn. With no place to stay, the professor generously welcomes him into his home. As the two men talk, a bond forms between these two polar opposites, and surprising moments of humor and compassion emerge. As they begin to understand each other more, they each examine the choices they’ve made in their lives, secretly longing to live the type of lifestyle the other man has lived, based on the desire to escape their own.




Tribeca Film On Demand is available in more than 40 million homes via cable, telco and satellite systems. Additionally, some titles will be available on the web via digital On Demand services. Click each title above for specific platforms.


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