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See Tribeca Film Slate at Tribeca Cinemas

Are there any hits you missed at the Festival? Well, we're giving you a second chance. Check out the Tribeca Film slate On Demand (available now) or at Tribeca Cinemas May 5-18!

Tribeca Film


There are many ways to watch movies from Tribeca this year, from last week's innovative Tribeca Film Festival Virtual to the widespread Tribeca Film On Demand offerings, both presented with our Founding Partner American Express. On Demand is available from Nantucket to New Mexico, and now New Yorkers have still another way to check out the breakout hits of TFF 2010 and 2009!
From May 5-18, see our Tribeca Film slate on the big screen at Tribeca Cinemas! This week, in the afterglow of the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, we’ll begin a 2-week run of 11 of the films you may have missed at the Festival or On Demand. 6 of the titles are in this year’s Fest, 4 are alumni films from TFF 2009, and 1 is a new treat we’ve discovered along the way. We know you’ll enjoy seeing the films in a relaxed atmosphere, and we hope you’ll join us before or after your screening in the Tribeca Cinemas Bar, where you can mingle with other film fans.


Tickets for the Tribeca Film theatrical run are now on sale! Hope to see you at Tribeca Cinemas!


TFF 2010 Titles In Theaters:
May 5-11 (schedule varies)



The Infidel
(TFF 2010)


sex & drugs & rock & roll


(TFF 2010)


Road, Movie


Road, Movie
(TFF 2010)




The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (TFF 2009)


The Trotsky


The Trotsky
(TFF 2010)



TiMER (TFF 2009)

Tribeca Film In Theaters:
May 12-18 (schedule varies)


Cimate of Change


Climate of Change (TFF 2010)




My Last Five Girlfriends (TFF 2009)



The Swimsuit Issue (TFF 2009)


The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle


The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle




Metropia (TFF 2010)


Can't make it to Tribeca Cinemas? Click here to check on the availability of Tribeca Films On Demand in your neighborhood.


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