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Super Shorts: I Love Sarah Jane

In the spirit of Halloween, Spencer Susser's I Love Sarah Jane shows how first love can bloom... even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

I Love Sarah Jane

This has been the year for the guys from Blue-Tongue Films, a talented collective of Australian filmmaking talents, whose skills range from stunts to acting to directing. Spencer Susser's Hesher, a comedy featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman, premiered and got picked up at Sundance, Nash Edgerton's nastly little noir The Square had its American release, and David Michod's Animal Kingdom, which won the world cinema jury prize at Sundance, has received rapturous reviews all year long, along with dark horse Oscar talk for terrifying matriarch Jacki Weaver. (It is, certainly, one of the year's best films.)


I Love Sarah Jane was written by Susser and Michod, and directed by Susser with a wry, deadpan eye. Set in a smoky, grey sky of a world populated by zombies and survivalist children, it follows one young lad, Jimbo, who's in love with the lovely Sarah Jane (a before-she-hit-America Mia Wasikowska). In the span of 15 minutes, there's the stuff of tenetative young love, a new spin on a zombie world, and, in what's a trademark for these guys, a heck of an ending. Watch and enjoy!



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