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Cinemania Delights

If you’re a fan of late-night, edgy, genre films, the high-energy Cinemania section is where you belong. Check out these 8 selections, screening throughout the Festival—and in a few cases online and on demand.

At Sunday night’s Cinemania party at the Tribeca Cinemas, directors of the eight exciting Cinemania films were celebrated: Grave Encounters, Trollhunter, Underwater Love, Neon Flesh, Saint, Rabies, The Bleeding House, and Beyond the Black Rainbow.


The Cinemania section of Tribeca pushes the boundaries of creativity and genre; these eight films from around the world are visceral and eclectic. Despite the rainy weather, the place was packed, the music was pumping and the dance floor was lit on fire as everyone danced the night away.


There was a mix of producers, directors, and industry reps mingling and getting to know each other. The networking possibilities were endless, as industry people got to know the talent, influencing decisions and creating partnerships for the future. (The drinks were delicious and may have provided some liquid courage for some.) Many filmmakers relayed that they hadn’t been able to see many of the films yet, due press interviews and whatnot, so events like these help connect everyone in the industry. The Tribeca Cinemas venue conveyed a beautiful blend of prestige and acceptance—it was an amazing night!


So what are some of the films in Cinemania, and how have they been received at screenings?



Americans are in for a treat when they see Saint, a totally different take on the Santa Claus legend. Every December 5 in Holland, St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) rides a horse over the rooftops, leaving gifts in children’s shoes; he is considered the epitome of good-heartedness. But Dutch director Dick Maas turns the legend on its head; his movie follows teen Frank as he sets out on a bloody, high-energy battle to save Amsterdam from a wrathful Sinterklaas and his minions, who kill children and wreak havoc across Amsterdam.


After the premiere of Saint, director Dick Maas engaged the audience with a lively Q&A. He revealed that the CGI scenes with the horses on Amsterdam rooftops were shot with a real horse on top of a large treadmill in front of a green screen, creating a mystical effect in the film, and making Sinterklaas menacing and terrifying. Many organizations tried to ban the film due to its defamation of a beloved symbol, but this did nothing but generate more hype for the film, resulting in the highest ever "R" rating opening for a film in the Netherlands.


Grave Encounters


The Grave Encounters team was at the party from Los Angeles. A young group of directors and actors led by the Vicious Brothers, they explained how honored they are to have a film at Tribeca this year. Their film centers around a TV crew that locks themselves in a haunted psychiatric hospital, only to realize that the building has no intention of letting them go. A very creative film that parodies the reality TV formula, Grave Encounters is paranormal fun. After the film, the cast and crew spoke about how their film is really a lovechild between long-time friends. The result is a special film that audiences will devour…



The director (Shinji Imaoka) and lead actress of Underwater Love were super happy to be the Festival. They exuded so much energy, it's no doubt that their film has caught the eye of Tribeca audiences. A colorful blend of eroticism and music, Underwater Love tells the tale of a happy couple who encounter a childhood friend reincarnated as a folkloric water sprite. Cinematographer Christopher Doyle is Wong-Kar Wai’s DP, which means Underwater Love is a visual treat to behold.



The first ever Israeli horror film had its North American premiere at the Festival this year. Rabies is a well thought out, riveting thriller about a killer in the woods—but the enemy isn't who you think. Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado come from a film theory background, which explains why their exciting play on the genre is so compelling.



Paco Cabezas, director of Neon Flesh, explained how he always wanted to make movies as a child, which led him to work at a local video store in Sevilla, Spain. Paco Cabezas is part of the young generation to come out of 'La Movida Madrileña'—a cultural revolution started in Madrid right after dictator Francisco Franco's death in 1975.


With Neon Flesh, he creates a unique story about street-thug Ricky, who finds out that his mother is finally being released from prison, so he—what else?—buys his mom a new whorehouse as a present. Spanish pop cinema has been notorious for giving typical characters like thugs, whores, and transvestites a deeper dimension that invites us to sympathize with their struggles. The film literally explodes off the screen; you'll walk out of the theater thoroughly elated.


Watching Tribeca Festival Films Online Has Never Been So Simple


Rabies and Neon Flesh are both available via The Streaming Room in the Tribeca (Online) Film Festival. Make your (FREE!) reservation today, and check out these movies online.


Other Cinemania selections:



The Bleeding House has that eerie vibe you can't shake even long after the film has finished. Director/Writer Philip Gelatt carefully constructs a portrait of a family with a troubled past that suddenly has a strange visitor trying to offer them redemption. The Bleeding House is also available via Tribeca Film On Demand, found on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and in 40 million homes via Movies on Demand services. Plug in your zip code here, and see where you can watch.


Beyond the Black Rainbow


Beyond the Black Rainbow, directed by Panos Cosmatos, generated a lot of hype this year with its science fiction aesthetic. Cosmatos is a true child of cinema, conscious of the value of the still image itself. His vision creates an intriguing film that resonates like a Kubrick or Lynch film.



And, finally, Trollhunter is an exciting Norwegian film about one man keeping the whole troll population in check, and the film students that go along for the adventure. With this "high-energy monster movie" set in the snowy Norwegian landscape, writer/director André Øvredal makes a visually stunning Tribeca debut.


Tickets are available for remaining screenings of all Cinemania selections. If you’re a fan of late-night, edgy, genre films, this selection is right up your alley. Enjoy!



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