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Finding Your Inner Fat Girl

Most people have an inner fat girl. It's a part of you that's oppressed and trying to get out, or at least to be accepted. You don’t have to be fat. You don’t even have to be a girl. You might be male and gay and still have an inner fat girl. You just have to find her.

That’s what Rodney, the main character in Fat Girls (TFF '06), is searching for. Well, that and a boyfriend...and a lead role in a Broadway show. Unfortunately, he’s stuck in high school in a tiny bible-waving Texas town, not the kind of place that looks kindly on such dreams. But Rodney and his best friend, 300-pound Sabrina, somehow make the best of their situation and their insecurities as they deal with the usual challenges of puberty: the search for sex, love, and a way to fit in—which ultimately means breaking out.

The feature debut of writer-director-actor Ash Christian (who plays Rodney), Fat Girls opened in theaters last week. It's won numerous awards at gay festivals around the country, as well as the “Coup de Coeur” at the Image + Nation Montreal International LGBT Film Festival. For a 22-year-old filmmaker who didn’t go to film school—or college, for that matter—it's not a bad start. Christian, who lists his biggest creative influences as John Waters and Todd Solondz, used his own life story as the foundation for Fat Girls, expanding on the idea of what it's like to be gay in a small Texas town. In a recent interview with indieWIRE, he said he's always felt like an outsider: "I was a theater geek growing up and didn’t really fit into the mold of a Texas boy at all. It's a story that I thought needed to be told. Growing up, I didn’t really have a film to look to to make me feel somewhat normal... so I tried to make one for the kids in small towns who feel like they're on the outside."

Fat Girls is currently playing in New York at Quad Cinema. For showtimes and tickets, click here. For other cities and additional information about the film, visit

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