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Large slow learners web 2

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Romcom Finds Distribution

One of the undersung gems of this year's Tribeca Film Festival was Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce's romantic comedy Slow Learners, in which Sarah Burns (of HBO's incredible, gone-too-soon Enlightened) and Adam Pally (of the great, thankfully-rescued The Mindy Project) play as two school administrators who decide to embrace a summer of sex, drugs, and drinking in order to revitalize their pitiful public personas.

Sure, the concept may verge on the familiar, but have no fear romcom skeptics! The real magic of this movie lies in its recognizable scenario's careful, clever execution and the charming efforts of Burns and Pally, two consummate supporting players who contribute a daffy pair of funny, front-and-center performances that deserve to earn them more phone calls and richer roles when the wider public finally gets their eyes on these Slow Learners...

...which can happen sooner than you think, since the film has just been scooped up by Sundance Selects (IFC Films's boutique distribution label) for a day-and-date release on August 19th in theaters and on demand.

There are obviously going to be plenty of bigger, flashier, and probably bad pictures crowding multiplexes this summer, so why not devote some time (and dollars) to a charming, small-scale movie that's worthy of both, and wants nothing more than to please you on its own sweet, sly, and silly terms?


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