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Jason Silva and Frank Rose. Illustration by Carly Sloane.

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Podcast: The Future of Immersive Storytelling

Three technologically-innovative storytellers take Tribeca audiences into the future of cinema.

The art of storytelling is one of the greatest driving forces of mankind. Stories offer us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in another world outside of our own realities, and advancements in technology have taken what that previously meant for cinema and completely transformed the medium. With the rise of binge-watching and virtual reality, the world of entertainment is becoming more immersive — not only physically, but psychologically as well.

This 2015 Tribeca Film Festival panel is moderated by journalist Jon Erlichman and features The Art of Immersion author Frank Rose, The Storytelling Animal author Jonathan Gottschall, and futurist and renowned "Shots of Awe" video series creator Jason Silva.


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