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Hamish Bowles and Catherine Martin. Illustration by Carly Sloane.

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Podcast: "Outfitting THE GREAT GATSBY" with Catherine Martin

Baz Luhrmann's indispensable creative collaborator dishes on their extravagant filmic wonders.

Vogue’s International Editor-at-Large Hamish Bowles sat down with the phenomenal Catherine Martin, who is better known as “CM,” a distinguished and continually inspirational film, stage, costume and interior designer who has been awarded four Oscars, four BAFTA’s, and a Tony award amongst many other honors. From Nicole Kidman’s iconic scarlet red dress in Moulin Rouge! to the flapper gowns we all love in The Great Gatsby, Martin continues to push the boundaries of fashion and design to redefine creativity.

In this podcast, learn more about how Martin first broke into the business, her 26-year personal and professional relationship with director Baz Luhrmann, and her passion for designing imaginary worlds that only she can bring to bountiful cinematic fruition. (Martin even shares which film she is proudest of — and it's not Moulin Rouge! or The Great Gatsby...)


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