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Photo by Film Buff.

TransFatty Lives: 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award Winner Lands Distribution

One of the 2015 Festival's most crowd-pleasing documentaries is coming to theaters.

In Patrick O'Brien's autobiographical documentary TransFatty Lives, O'Brien — a meme-making internet phenom and onetime New York City DJ who performed under the stage name of the title — rivetingly and shamelessly documents his physically constraining, emotionally wrenching, yet impossibly and humorously life-affirming battle with terminal ALS.

The rights to O'Brien's second documentary feature have been picked up by U.S. distributor Film Buff, who will open the film theatrically and on all major VOD platforms on November 20th.

A stirring and sensational first-person film, TransFatty Lives was one of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival's must-see world premiere titles, picking up an Audience Award in the Documentary category along the way.

O'Brien chronicles his ongoing fight with ALS — a disease he was diagnosed with in 2005, upon which he was given two to five years to live — with a level of clarity and comedy so seldom seen in films about disease, which makes this documentary's boldly unflinching treatment quietly but no less commendably groundbreaking.

It's a remarkable project ten death-defying years in the making, one that has already amassed a devoted group of viewers who have sparked to O'Brien's story and are thrilled to share it with any moviegoer who appreciates seeing a real-life story told with all the care and creativity that these stories warrant but are so rarely afforded. Don't be sorry you skipped it.

Watch the trailer below:



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