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Ten Questions with Lil BuckVideo description

Ten Questions with Lil Buck

Ten questions with innovative dancer Lil Buck

Dance: Lil Buck
Music: LP
Words: Bruce Lee

Innovation is an all-encompassing word. However, it is often born of creative inspiration. Last week The Wall Street Journal recognized dancer extraordinaire Lil Buck as one of their Innovators of the year. Lil Buck is a friend of Tribeca.  We recently met with him to discuss innovation and inspiration, here’s the results.

Tribeca: Who are you?

Lil Buck: Well, to some people I am Charles Riley, to many people I am Lil Buck, Dancer Extraordinaire from Memphis, Tennessee

Tribeca: What do you do?

LB: I am in performing arts and I do work in arts and education. I travel around and I inspire people with my gift.

Tribeca: What is your present state of mind?

LB: My present state of mind is collaboration and just giving back, working with kids and children. I just love working with kids and inspiring and that is my main focus and motivation. Get my art out there and incorporate my arts into education.

Tribeca: A trait you wish you had?

LB: I wish I could sing.

Tribeca: What is your idea of happiness?

LB: Happiness is all around us all the time it is just up to us to us to filter through the bullshit, the mess, to keep the happiness alive.

Tribeca: Favorite film?

LB: My favorite film would have to be Lucy. I always was curious when I was younger if we had the capability of using more brain power and if we could access 100% instead of 15%, it was just insane and motivating.

Tribeca: When was the last time you questioned your skills and talent?

LB: I never questioned myself, I can’t remember the last time.

Tribeca: What do you do to get into your zone?

LB: I just go through this whole psychedelic phase of just creating in my mind and trying to make it vivid to other people.

Tribeca: Why do you do this, create and innovate?

LB: I love to create it has always been fun the more I learn from people like Steve Jobs, Bruce Lee; the more I am really passionate and putting a dent in the world.

Tribeca: The best advice you’ve been given?

LB: To know that I am not the owner of my talent, but I am the guardian of my talent.

Here's a short video profile of Lil Buck that appeared in The Wall Street Journal:


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