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10 Amazing YouTube Videos From 2012

For the year's end, we've asked Tribeca's staff to share their Top 10 Lists. Today, Tribeca's EVP of Content and Marketing Matt Spangler highlights examples of the extraordinary variety online video had to offer this year.

With the growth of the YouTube Partners Program channel grants, a live free-fall from space, and a cultural explosion launched Gangnam style, 2012 felt like the year online video really came into its own. Here are some examples that show a cross section of the awesomeness you find in the exploding world of digital video content.

1. Extremely Dark Knight: Sometimes a good movie parody can be as satisfying as the movie itself.



2. Dirty Laundry by Thomas Jane: Will 2013 be the year that professionally made short films find big audiences on YouTube? I wouldn't argue that point with Thomas Jane - pioneer of making a fan film for a movie he starred in. (nsfw).

3. Ice Cube celebrates the Eames. "This is going green 1949 style bitch. Believe dat."


4. The Most Astounding Fact
No points on style here...but this so sums up a new kind of creation that is so beautiful about the medium -borrowed audio, borrowed images, borrowed music and the vision of a good editor can turn the parts into something altogether new and beautiful.


4 (b). Same thing…but different…because, well...Rick Astley and Mad Men.



5. The Comedy trailer: because when the reviews are this polarizing, why not show them?


6. Walk and Talk the Vote - West Wing Reunion - Bridget Mary McCormack


This had to be one of the best political ads ever (doesn't hurt when your sister was on the West Wing.)

7. The Roxy Music Story
Because you can find hour-long documentaries on Roxy Music on YouTube now.

8. The promo teaser for Nick Offerman's Somebody Up There Likes Me.
Because...I mean…obviously


9. Nike Basketball: The Ring Maker
Sure its a Nike commercial…but damn with the right track, sometimes it can be so much more.


10. Space Camp by Tom Sachs
Because its Art...or its a video...or its video art…where is the line anymore anyways?

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