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Small Screens. Big Stories.

The Tribeca Film Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to bring back Tribeca Snapchat Shorts, now an official Festival category, created in an effort to discover visionary artists in the mobile space. This new category provides the perfect opportunity for people who are passionate about Snapchat and narrative storytelling to present their mastery of the smallest screen. The Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to support the next generation of storytellers and promote creativity on Snapchat.

Shoot your masterpiece on Snapchat or Snap Inc’s Spectacles and be sure to save your Snaps as you go. All video entries must be shot vertically or in the Spectacles-native circular format. You can create your Story in many ways, but for best results make use of the Story creation tools in Snapchat Memories. Memories, which can be accessed by swiping up from the Camera page, will allow you to view and edit the Snaps you’ve saved, and even change things like stickers, doodles, or Geofilters, after they’ve been saved. Once you’ve made your very best Snaps, tap the Check button in the top right to select the snaps you want, and the Circle + button at the bottom center to turn them into a new Story. When making your Story with Memories, remember Snaps you’ve taken will automatically appear in the order they were shot! To export a Story from Memories for submission, press and hold on the Story, then select Export Story, Save Video to download the finished product as an MP4 file (which saves to the camera roll). If you’ve posted your submission to your public Story, you can save it by pressing the Save Story button next to it, but remember to Save before it disappears! You will then go here to upload and submit your Story to be considered. It’s okay for your Story to be live on Snapchat for 24 hours after it’s creation, but we discourage folks from uploading their Stories elsewhere online.

How Do I submit?

1. Download Snapchat if you are not already a Snapchatter. If you are already using Snapchat, log in and start planning your Story.
2. Start Snapping! Use Snapchat or Spectacles to shoot your Story, then save your best Snaps to turn into a Story.
3. You can edit your Story in many ways, but it should be no longer than 120 seconds long.
4. Read our rules and regulations to make sure you qualify. We will be accepting submissions from those who are 18+ and living in the USA. You can only submit once. Any content that is explicitly violent, profane or disrespectful of others will be automatically disqualified.
5. Don’t let your masterpiece disappear! Be sure to save each Snap you want to keep and save your Story when it’s finished.
6. Come back to this page before February 17, 2017 at 6pm ET when submissions close, and follow the link below to upload your video file. Seriously, press Control + D now.

What could I win?

Tribeca Film Festival programmers will watch all the submissions and choose up to 10 finalists. The finalists will all receive a badge to attend the Tribeca Film Festival. A jury of Jason Biggs, Andy Cohen, Dillon Francis, Eva Longoria and more will determine the winner of the category, which will be announced during the Festival.

Best Practices [Creating/Saving Your Story]:

Creative Recommendations

· Keep it vertical! -- Stick to shooting your Snapchat Story vertically (avoid horizontal)
· Keep it PG & Positive! -- We strongly discourage: bad language, inappropriate storylines, violence, bigotry, and/or discrimination of any kind.

Technological Recommendations (to get the best story):

· Upgrade your Snapchat app before recording
· Set up Memories before beginning, Memories is the best way to save, edit and create Stories from your Snaps. Swipe up from the Camera page to view your Memories.
· In Settings, go to Memories > Save To... > Memories & Camera Roll, to make Snaps save both to your phone’s camera roll and to Memories.
· Shoot in the daytime or with additional lighting. In dark shots, tap the moon icon that appears to make it brighter.
· Speak up! Make sure you can hear what’s important. Speak clearly, avoid unnecessary background noise and always listen to your snap afterward.
· Save each good Snap as soon as it’s taken using the save button at the bottom left next to the timer to be sure you don’t lose anything. Remember, if you’re using Memories you can do all your editing like adding stickers, captions, or filters later, so feel free to keep shooting!
· To edit a Snap in Memories, press and hold on the Snap. Select Edit Snap from the menu. You will have all the same options to edit as you did when you took the snap including all Geofilters. There’s even some exclusive creative tools just for Memories!
· To turn your Snaps into a Story using Memories, tap the check button in the top right, select the Snaps you want to include, then tap the circle + button at the bottom center to turn them into a new Story.
· If you're using Spectacles, make use of Highlights to organize your best Specs shots. You can add or remove a Snap from Highlights by swiping up or pressing and holding to edit, then tapping the star icon. Multiple day's Highlights can be added together to make a Story using the check button.
· Remember, the Snaps in Stories you create with Memories will always appear in the order they were taken.
· To export a Story from Memories for submission, press and hold on the Story, then select Export Story, Save Video to download the finished product as an MP4 file (which saves to the camera roll)
· To Export individual Snaps, you can press and hold on a Snap then select Export Snap, Save Video to download the Snap as an MP4 file to your camera roll.
· Before exporting any content from Spectacles, be sure to use "Get HD" to download the best quality footage. Select "Get HD" from the top right of the Specs tab in Memories, then select the Spectacles content you want. When you're finished, tap the "Get HD" button in the bottom right and follow the on screen prompts.
· If you're creating a Story with both regular Snaps and Spectacles content, save your Specs content separately and hang on to it. Exported Stories with both content types will be saved in a rectangular vertical format, but saving the circular Specs-native content for later use will allow for a better presentation if your short is selected.
· Watch your Story all the way through before saving it, and once more after you’ve saved to make sure it looks and sounds perfect.

Troubleshooting (VERY LAST RESORT):

- Try logging in on a different phone to open Snapchat.