During this year's Festival, we announced the winners of our #6SECFILM Vine Competition, in which we challenged Vine users to tell stories with the new app in three categories: Genre, Animate, and Series, to be shortlisted by TFF's Programming Director Genna Terranova, and then whittled down to the best in each category by a jury of filmmakers - Penny Marshall, Adam Goldberg, and the team from 5 Second Films

In honor of this week's release of Vine for Android - opening up the creative app to millions more creators, here are the runners-up of our competition, with notes from the jury about why they liked them so much. Watch, listen and learn!


Not That Lever Jon!, by Alex Labat

Adam Goldberg: "I laughed."

Penny Marshall: "Extremely creative concept!"

5 Second Films: "Relatable setup (for anyone who works with levers and/or buttons) and the ending had a great reversal." 

All I Have Is Doritos!, by Jordan Burt

5 Second Films: "Performance was impeccable and provided the elusive punchline (when the robber takes his Doritos.)"

Zack Frost, This Moment

Penny Marshall: "Way to turn a corny joke into a comedic moment, simple and effective."


Through a Glass

5 Second Films: "Tells a story and makes you laugh in a single, un-edited take. That's the golden fleece of micro cinema." 

Adam Goldberg: "A somber haiku."

Meagan Cignoli, The Chair:

Adam Goldberg: "A lovely whimsical Vine."


Khoa: "Rawr Means 'I Love You' in Dinosaur"

5 Second Films: "The perfect blend of cute and morbid. Made everyone in the room laugh out loud."

Adam Goldberg: "Inventive shadowplay"

5 Second Films: "The animation is impeccable. We also appreciated watching a new phone film the destruction of an old phone." 


Andrew Sainz




Adam Goldberg: "Bizarro and lurid, as a Vine should be."

5 Second Films: "The story and shots were excellently composed. Plus the lighting and stylized visuals really stood out above the rest."

Congrats to these runners-up, and check out the short list for more Vine-spiration. Also, look for our new weekly wrap-up of the week's best Vines, coming tomorrow!