In addition to the annual Points North Fellowship that CIFF offers every year, the Maine-based festival is now teaming up with Al Jazeera's new digital channel AJ+, and providing even more opportunities for aspiring documentary filmmakers through the AJ+ Pitch. 

The AJ+ Pitch will allow five documentarians to pitch their short documentary concepts or work-in-progress projects for a chance to leave CIFF with up to 10,000 dollars of commission. All five chosen filmmakers will be provided with an All Access pass to CIFF, as well as a stipend for accomodations and travel fees. 

With so many apocalyptic blockbusters in theaters this summer, CIFF is asking filmmakers to look to the future in their docs. The AJ+ Pitch is looking for filmmakers who use compelling stories to illustrate a larger, more holistic picture that captures our current social and cultural moment. The stories can be local, but still relatable to a global audience. 

If you've got a documentary ideas up your sleeve, apply for the AJ+ Pitch and take advantage of all that CIFF has to offer!