Karen may be artificially intelligent, but she's got a cute place.
Stepping up to the Karen: Blast Theory podium and tuning out the crowd to touch-tap-select about your relationship issues for all the room to see is much more pleasant when you're peeking over Karen's shoulder into her airy, exposed brick, West Village-y flat. (We're assuming that an A.I. therapist makes bank. Which only makes her real, life-prying advice feel that much more credible.)

DIY G&T's are really f-u-n.
There are plenty of weekends left to hit a brunch spot or Bloody Mary bar and proceed not to learn a damn thing. Grab a glass, garnish your heart out, and have a few sips of liquid courage before diving into a session with Karen or into someone else's body in The Machine to Be Another.

Do Not Track is better than a psychic...and just as scary.
There's nothing creepy-cooler than hearing mundane facts that only you know about yourself repeated back to you as if they're publicly discoverable knowledge. Guess what? They totally are: as in, where you most frequently grocery shop, what you spent your last paycheck on, and everything in between. Brett Gaylor's iPad-based exhibit puts it all out there. (Sorry-slash-you're-welcome.)

A photo is worth a thousand words. A virtual reality experience can leave you speechless.
The Enemy creator Karim Ben Helifa spent years as a Middle East war photographer, then spent a few more dedicated to "re-humanizing" the narratives playing out on both sides. Sound powerful? It's nothing compared to how it feels to be in it.

Inhabiting someone else's body is a total trip.
BeAnotherLab's The Machine to Be Another's headsets literally let you step into another human's body, parts and all. Imagine swapping eyes, hands, and even emotions -- with a fascinating person you've never met before today. Actually -- just check out the exhibit.

It's super meta in there.
From self-referential artwork in the 5th-floor exhibit to a 6th-floor lounge decorated with faux windows "leading" to gorgeous digital photo landscapes from around the globe, nearly every experience is couched within another one...within another one.

Temporarily losing a sense is terrifying. And empowering. And every emotion in between.
"Follow this rope" is the only rule for getting through Door Into the Dark. Accomplishing the task takes a boatload of vulnerability, confidence, and empathy.