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Medium momentumgenerationnew 1920x1080


  • Section: Documentary Competition
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Directed By: Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist
  • Country: USA
In the 1990s, a band of teen surfers came together on the north shore of Oahu. Their unbridled talent and strong bonds of friendship would bring professional surfing to new heights. But as their stars rose, those bonds would be tested. Read More
Drama, Tribeca Film Festival Alumni
Medium netizens  trainofthoughtproductions  2


  • Section: Special Screenings
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Directed By: Cynthia Lowen
  • Country: USA
In the midst of a watershed moment for gender equality, three very different women whose lives were torn apart by online harassment devote themselves to fighting back against the internet’s Wild West of unpoliced misogyny, cyberstalking, and nonconsensual pornography. Read More
New York, Female Director(s), NY Director(s), First Time Filmmaker, Female Screenwriter(s), Tribeca Film Festival Alumni
Medium nico  1988  magnolia pictures  1

NICO, 1988

  • Section: Spotlight Narrative
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Directed By: Susanna Nicchiarelli
  • Country: Italy, Belgium
This whirlwind road movie follows the final months on tour of the singer-songwriter Nico, one-time Warhol superstar and Velvet Underground vocalist. Read More
Drama, Music
Medium og  og film  llc  1


  • Section: US Narrative Competition
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 113 minutes
  • Directed By: Madeleine Sackler
  • Country: USA
An inmate entering the final weeks of a twenty-plus-year sentence must navigate between old loyalties and a new protégé, while he also grapples with the looming uncertainty of his return to life outside bars in this drama. Read More
Drama, Female Director(s)
Medium the party s just beginning still


  • Section: International Narrative Competition
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Directed By: Karen Gillan
  • Country: Scotland
Liusaidh is a sharp-witted, foul-mouthed, heavy-drinking twenty-something who is still reeling from a recent loss. Written by, directed by, and starring Karen Gillan, this surreal coming-of-age tale is a love letter to her hometown in the Scottish Highlands. Read More
Drama, LGBT, First Time Filmmaker, Female Screenwriter(s)
Medium phenom  apple via  1


  • Section: Tribeca TV
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Country: USA
Chronicling the journey of the next great soccer players on their quests to represent their respective countries in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, Phenoms allows fans and viewers to experience the personal lives of players through unprecedented behind-the-scenes access. Read More
Medium preferred picnic at hanging rock   no credit  2 new 1920x1080


  • Section: Tribeca TV
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 52 minutes
  • Country: Australia
A penetrating reimagining of the iconic, timeless Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock plunges audiences into the mysterious disappearances of three schoolgirls and their governess on Valentine’s Day, 1900. Read More
Medium radium girls  cine mosaic  1 001 color 1920x1080


  • Section: Special Screenings
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • Directed By: Lydia Dean Pilcher and Ginny Mohler
  • Country: USA
Based on true events of the late ’20s, teenage sisters Bessie and Jo dream of faraway places while they paint glow-in-the-dark watch dials at the American Radium Factory in New Jersey. When Jo becomes ill, a larger, darker truth begins to emerge: She is not the first girl in the radium factory to become unwell. Bessie fights not only for her sister, but also for the rest of the women around her; she becomes a powerful advocate as she risks everything to stand up to the corporation that provides her family's livelihood. Read More
Drama, Environmental, Female Director(s), NY Director(s), First Time Filmmaker, Female Screenwriter(s), Tribeca Film Festival Alumni, Tribeca Film Institute Alumni
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