Directed by Johan Grimonprez
FEATURE DOCUMENTARY 94 Minutes World Premiere
Haliburton may be the shining example of an out of control arms industry, where the profit is billions of dollars and the loss is human lives. In Shadow World, based upon the 2011 book by Andrew Feinstein, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, there are other weapons manufacturers, world leaders, arms dealers, military leaders, and behind-the-scenes movers that come under director Johan Grimonprez's (Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y) scrutiny in an eye-popping assemblage of news and archival footage. Accompanying the images are comments from Feinstein, a slippery arms dealer, former New York Times writer Chris Hedges, and New Yorker investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, and other once-willing participants in the business who decided to speak out. Grimonprez spares no one to expose a shadow world of corruption, slush funds, drones, illicit bed partners, and a whole lot of lies and greed from the early 80s up to the present. The aim is to perpetuate war in order to generate more cash, no matter what the expense.

—Brian Gordon
About the Director(s)
Johan Grimonprez’s films include dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y (1997) and Double Take (2009). Traveling the main festival circuit from the Berlinale to Sundance, they garnered several Best Director awards, the 2005 ZKM International Media Award, a Spirit Award and the 2009 Black Pearl Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Film Info
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  • Length:
    94 minutes
  • Language:
    Arabic, English, Spanish
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Cast & Credits
  • Associate Producer:
    Burton Ritchie, Harbor Picture Company
  • Producer:
    Joslyn Barnes, Anadil Hossain
  • Co-Executive Producers:
    David Menschel, Michael J. Zak, Donald Rubin, Jodie Evans, Susan Rockefeller, Matthew Palevsky
  • Director:
    Johan Grimonprez
  • Based on the book by:
    Andrew Feinstein
  • Story by:
    Andrew Feinstein, Johan Grimonprez
  • Composer:
    Karsten Fundal
  • Editor:
    Per K. Kirkegaard, Pedro Collantes, Dieter Diependaele
  • Cast:
    Andrew Feinstein, David Leigh, Vijay Prashad, Jeremy Scahill, Lawrence Wilkerson, Chris Hedges, Robert Fisk, Trita Parsi
  • Cinematographer:
    Nicole MacKinlay Hahn
  • Executive Producer:
    Bertha Foundation, Abigail Disney, Danny Glover, Driss Benyaklef, Sally Jo Fifer, Wilbur Leguebe
  • In Association With:
    Bertha Foundation, Fork Films, Vital Projects Fund, ITVS, RTBF, DR, Danish Film Institute, BritDoc Circle, Zap-o-matik
  • Co-Producer:
    Signe Byrge Sørensen, Emmy Oost, Onomatopee Films, Final Cut for Real
  • Screenwriter:
    Andrew Feinstein

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